Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Visual kei inspired gothic aristocrat make up tutorial with kuro tomesode

Hello sweethearts! :3

I hope that everyone is doing well. Thank you for everyone for all the support recently now when I have been really sick. *many big hugs*

As 13th of March was my birthday, I decided to to treat myself by editing the video that I filmed the day before that for my birthday celebration. I had been planning an outfit of this kind for some time already and I was finally able to try my kuro tomesode on as well! :3 I hope you enjoy the video and, as always, concrit will be highly appreciated.

Please read the video description about the kimono. I got so many lovely messages from worried people that thought that I didn't know how kuro tomesode is traditionally worn. Thank you everyone, for being so thoughtful! <3


We also had a trip to Paris to see Kaya live which why me and my friends decided to go sightseeing and ended up playing at Notre Dame, hmm:

Here is also one drawing made by an even lovelier and talented person who asked for my permission on tumblr (click here to my tumblr) to use my photos for drawing. Thank you! It's an honor (click here to raka-raka's tumblr):

Here's also an outfit from last Christmas that I forgot to post before:

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful week! <3

Many hugs and best wishes,
Iira (who is always too busy :'3)


  1. I think you looked lovely in that kimono ^^ And I really liked your black and white wig with that, very cool! I hope you ad a lovely birthday :D

    And it's so great that you have gotten some drawings ^^

    And I really like your other outfit, with the veil.You always manage to look amazing. SO inspirational <3

  2. Wow! That kimono outfit is stunning. I love how you paired it with the gloves and belt.

    I wasn't liking the fake eyelashes for a while, but the wig does really bring it all together. I love your look with dark wigs. The contrast it creates is really beautiful.

    I always adore your videos. I hope you keep posting more. <3

  3. Hei!

    Tosi upeita asukokonaisuuksia! Video oli mun mielestä kivan selkeä ja siitä on helppo ottaa mallia. :) Yksi kysysmys minulle jäi, nimittäin minkälaista meikkipohjaa käytät? Oliko tuo mitä laitoit pelkkää puuteria vai jonkinlaista mineraalimeikkiä? Kalpeana suomalaisena minun on ihan järjettömän vaikeaa löytää mitään oikean sävyistä naamalleni, ehkä sinulla on antaa jotain vinkkejä? :)


  4. you're so beautiful <3 <3 n__n

  5. Hei, tagesin sinut tänne ^^ --> http://blackrosegardenia.blogspot.com/2012/04/eleven-facts-and-tags.html