Wondering what is this style called lolita all about? Never heard about (gothic) aristocrat or EGA (Elegant Gothic Aristocrat)/EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita) before? What is kodona, decora or fairy kei? How about mori girl or gyaru? Find out more about these styles by clicking following links:

What is lolita?, Different Styles (gothic lolita, sweet lolita, classic lolita etc. etc.), The anatomy of a Lolita outfit, Hair and make up, Fashion (Dos and Don'ts, casual lolita check list etc.), Where to Buy and much more by CLICKING HERE.

More information on:

A long entry about Aristocrat fashion in my blog entry that you can find by clicking HERE.

Styles that aren't completely relevant or attached to lolita or aristocrat styles, but which inspire me a lot personally (many people that do lolita are also interested in these particular styles):

Gyaru styles and subculture on Pop Gyaru:

Read more about the lovely style of Mori Girls (forest girls) on the Mori Girl Community:

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