Topics in this entry:
  1. What is a "commission"?
  2. How expensive are the commissions?
  3. Most popular commissions
  4. Materials and designs
  5. How to make an order
  6. Shipping and handling
  7. Current status and waiting list
  8. Feedback and Customer Gallery
1.) What is a "commission"?

A commission is something that you ask someone (seamstress, designer, artist etc.) to create for you for your own use either from already existing plan or by giving them the freedom to decide and use their own creativity, or both.

NOTICE: I take commissions for every style from gothic aristocrat to sweet lolita, so if you have something in your mind, please do not hesitate to send me e-mail to

2.) How expensive are the commissions?


The pricing of the item depends on the amount of details and the overall complexity of it.

3.) Most popular commissions:

Currently the most popular items are headdresses and bigger size hats that I have made dozens already. Lately many people have been asking for commissioned fake nails and dresses as well.

Click here
 for the Gallery to see pictures of already existing commissions. More pictures come as soon as I find the time to upload them.

4.) Materials and designs:

I use very high quality materials including Venetian lace, crystals, velvet, chiffon, silk, self made silk roses etc. and I put all my skills in every item I make. 
I constantly try to improve and offer people the best quality that I possibly can. My designs are simple despite of the big amount of small details. I aim to keep my work elegant and suitable for many kinds of styles and occasions.
                   I would never sell an item that I wouldn't wear myself! 

5.) How to make an order

- Check my current status and waiting list below: it will show you how much you have to wait to get a commission.

- Pick a date when you would like to have your item to be shipped and send me a message
to including:
  1. The preferred date for shipping,
  2. Items that you would like to commission and all the information that you can possibly include to the message 
  3. Your measurements if needed
  4. Your shipping address and billing information (Notice: For now, I only accept PayPal or cash)
  5. Questions and price negotiations
- Wait for my reply and further instructions. I will answer e-mails within 48h

6.) Shipping and handling:


7.) Current Status and waiting list:


8.) Feedback and Customer Gallery:

- Once you have received the item, I would be more than happy to receive feedback, concrit and maybe even customer photos for my gallery. Thank you in advance!
Click here for the gallery.


Everyone, thank you very much for the big amount of interest towards my work. I'm truly touched of the amount of trust that people have towards my skills in what I do. I couldn't be more grateful and happy about that. Thank you!