Saturday, July 28, 2012

Art by lovelies

Hello sweethearts!

Let me share here couple of artwork done by several lovely people.
Thank you everyone! I'm incredibly flattered and honored, of course. *hugs*

Beautiful jewellery pendants made by a very talented and kind friend of mine. Thank you, sweetie!
Please feel free to check out more of her work here: CLICK!

Artwork made by Homer Tlg on Facebook.
Thank you very much!

Artwork made by Julia Saukko on Facebook.
Thank you very much!
Artwork made by Drusil Art. Check out more of her work here: CLICK!
Thank you very much!

Artwork made by rindapinda on Tumblr.
Thank you very much!


I will next write more about the lolita convention in Paris and after that share more photos of my latest works and outfits. I hope you are looking forward to that. If there's anything to ask or discuss about, please feel free to send me a message.
I wish that everyone is doing well and will spend a wonderful day!

Many hugs,
Iira Alina

Friday, July 20, 2012

Paris promotional photoshoot for Rosa Nitida by Marie Tuonetar

Hello sweethearts!

It has been such a long time from the last post I made as my life has tuned out to be pretty complicated lately due to several times of moving, travelling and being sick constantly. I need to apologize for that and I hope in the future I'm able to update my blog more often. I will be also making some changes on the site, including  a new a banner with a sort of an artwork/symbol for my work. And maybe before the end of the year I'm able to finish my new proper web site.
Here's the new banner including my rose logo (I'm still working on the logo to make it more simple) - the banner will appear as the header of my blog soon:

During the lolita convention in Paris, I also arranged couple of photoshoots from which two of them are still in process. I hope you are looking forward to see the results. Here is one of our photoshoots in Paris. The beautiful photos are taken and edited by Marie Tuonetar and the other lovely person doing modelling for me is my friend Heylika. She and her family also helped me a lot during my trip to Paris. Thank you VERY much for your kindness. I appreciate that tremendously! <3
(These two hats are modified out of one of my oldest Rosa Nitida designs. The hat I'm wearing is still on sale, so if you are interested in it, please feel free to send me a message to
Heylika's hat in the photo was commissioned quite a while ago already, but I'm really happy that she still likes it a lot. ^^ For me the most important thing is that people like the things I make and are satisfied with the outcome.)

(with Marie Tuonetar)

 Thank you for reading! I will be updating again in couple of days with some more photos from The Paris Lolita Convention (where I had a table too), other photos and with art that people made for me. In the future I will also make some new tutorials and take more video material as I have finally got myself a new camera which I didn't use in Paris, though. I had a lot of photo and video material of my trip to New York a while back too, but guess what? I broke my camera and cellphones at the same time! ;___; Luckily I've got so many good memories from my trip and I'm so proud of my new tattoo that was made by and Ukrainian artist, Anka, who currently lives in New York. I feel so lucky to have met such people.

But, until next week I hope you will spend a wonderful weekend and enjoy the smallest things in life! Atleast that's what I try to do although my life has been so full of setbacks lately again. We don't give up, though! Let's fight for life! >:3

Many hugs,