Monday, March 9, 2015

~A small outfit post and info about upcoming entries~

Hello again, sweethearts!
How's life over there?

SoI went to  hear and see Kamijo's 20th anniversary concert about a week ago in Helsinki and this is my outfit from the event (yes, my camera is just a freaking potato and distorts almost all my photos, haha). I am sorry for not having any better quality pictures this time either - I will try  to manage to borrow or buy a bit better camera for future use... |''D

                    Anyway, what I am wearing here is a bright red, high-neck and ankle length vintage dress with a hand-made Lareine's Metamorphose inspired bright blue floor length coat with golden chains and plenty of crystals especially in the hem and sleeves.
And below is a group photo with Kamijo... I freaking heard some old Lareine songs live! Oh. Dear. Lord. *___* I am so happy that, even though it has been one week from the concert already, I still feel weirdly warm and fuzzy from the inside, haha. You have no idea how much I love the music and how much it, together with the overall fantasy-like world around it, has inspired me...
                  So to keep my hype short: Yes, the music has influenced me in many, MANY ways, so to finally hear some of those songs live means quite a lot to me. I have no words to describe how happy I am about the whole event (or maybe I'm just too tired to come up with anything to say), haha. Let me just say that I really enjoy the music and aesthetics of Lareine, Versailles and Kamijo as solo artist. :)
I will write an another entry about Rosa Nitida sewing work in few days. There are few older and some newer commissions which I haven't posted much material online yet, so please stay around to see what I have to show you! :)

However, here is my current commission schedule with only two commission spots left for the first half of the year! Thank you so very much, everyone! I feel honoured about the thought of you you having this much trust towards my skills. I hope not to let you down and deliver you something beautiful soon. *huuugs* Please do not hesitate to contact me for fture commissions by sending e-mail to,

FEB 2015: FULL, thank you!
MAR 2015: FULL; thank you!
APR 2015: FULL, thank you!
MAY 2015: FULL, thank you!
JUN 2015: 2 commissions
JUL 2015: In Japan - no commissions
AUG 2015: In Japan - no commissions

There are so many things to write about such as the "Ghost family" project (Maybe some of you know about it already?) that I have had going on for a while now, but which has been on a break due to my forever-changing busy schedule (I had another 14h day today again, yay. Typical..)

Furthermore, I am looking forward to introduce you a few artists that I have had the honour to get to know with recently. Hope you are looking forward to that too. :)

Oh yeah, and let me throw in one casual photo too (I am awfully boring fashion-wise due to my super long days at school, work and public transit... A black pant suit for almost every day, hah):

Gosh, I am dead tired... Must. Sleep. More... so therefore, good night for now and until later that is!

Thank you for reading and many hugs,

P.S. I am so going to fix all the grammar mistakes in the morning, haha.

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