Friday, July 20, 2012

Paris promotional photoshoot for Rosa Nitida by Marie Tuonetar

Hello sweethearts!

It has been such a long time from the last post I made as my life has tuned out to be pretty complicated lately due to several times of moving, travelling and being sick constantly. I need to apologize for that and I hope in the future I'm able to update my blog more often. I will be also making some changes on the site, including  a new a banner with a sort of an artwork/symbol for my work. And maybe before the end of the year I'm able to finish my new proper web site.
Here's the new banner including my rose logo (I'm still working on the logo to make it more simple) - the banner will appear as the header of my blog soon:

During the lolita convention in Paris, I also arranged couple of photoshoots from which two of them are still in process. I hope you are looking forward to see the results. Here is one of our photoshoots in Paris. The beautiful photos are taken and edited by Marie Tuonetar and the other lovely person doing modelling for me is my friend Heylika. She and her family also helped me a lot during my trip to Paris. Thank you VERY much for your kindness. I appreciate that tremendously! <3
(These two hats are modified out of one of my oldest Rosa Nitida designs. The hat I'm wearing is still on sale, so if you are interested in it, please feel free to send me a message to
Heylika's hat in the photo was commissioned quite a while ago already, but I'm really happy that she still likes it a lot. ^^ For me the most important thing is that people like the things I make and are satisfied with the outcome.)

(with Marie Tuonetar)

 Thank you for reading! I will be updating again in couple of days with some more photos from The Paris Lolita Convention (where I had a table too), other photos and with art that people made for me. In the future I will also make some new tutorials and take more video material as I have finally got myself a new camera which I didn't use in Paris, though. I had a lot of photo and video material of my trip to New York a while back too, but guess what? I broke my camera and cellphones at the same time! ;___; Luckily I've got so many good memories from my trip and I'm so proud of my new tattoo that was made by and Ukrainian artist, Anka, who currently lives in New York. I feel so lucky to have met such people.

But, until next week I hope you will spend a wonderful weekend and enjoy the smallest things in life! Atleast that's what I try to do although my life has been so full of setbacks lately again. We don't give up, though! Let's fight for life! >:3

Many hugs,


  1. You made a great work, items are magnificent and the models correspond perfectly to the spirit! -^o^-)b

  2. I lvoe your logo, it really suits you perfectly!
    And wow, you look breathtaking in these photo's, absolutely amazing!!

  3. Awesome photoshoot!!! You're amazing ♥

  4. I really love the photoshoot, it has just the right atmosphere for your breathtaking items!<3

  5. I really love the shots and the hats! If i had gone to the convention i'd have to get something from you of course.
    I'm also glad to see you back. Sorry about the phones and camera, i'm also waiting for my camera to be repaired, fortunately it was still in the warranty limit.
    Kisses from Portugal,

  6. What an amazing photoshoot!Truly amazing! :D
    I really like your new banner, the logo is also very lovely. ^^

  7. Kaikki hattusi ovat todella upeita eikä ompelutaitoasi voi kuin ihmetellä. Erityisesti tykkään siitä että olet käyttänyt väriä tehosteena omassa päässäsi ollessa hatussa.

    Onko sinulla muuten itsestäsi lolitana/aristona ennen vuotta 2009? Kiinnostaisi nähdä tyylisi evoluutio. Osaan ihan kohtuullisesti englantia, joten minulla ei ole ikinä ymmärrysvaikeuksia postauksiasi lukiessasi. Olisi silti mukavaa vaihtelua lukea silloin tällöin postauksia, jotka olisi kirjoitettu suomeksi sekä englanniksi. Muuten sinulle saattaa käydä kuten sotalapsille. :D Esim. minun pappani lähti pikkulapsena sotalapseksi ruotsiin. Palatessaan Suomeen hän puhui pelkkää ruotsia.

  8. Hello Iira,
    (I wanted to ask this on your tumblr but it's too wide haha...) I am a lolita sewing designer, just like you (but my level is poorer than yours, I think) actually, I make just my own clothes for the moment, and I want to make clothes for everyone who want in the future.
    So, here is my question (or maybe a council, rather...)
    I am a perfectionist kind of way, in the sense that I don't like doing poor quality things or this sort of thing. In fact, I'm in the most extreme perfectionism way, I feel disgusted with myself and very angry when I see a silly mistake or something like that in the design of my work, and then I feel deeply depressed and after, I start to stop everything... Not to mention the attention to detail that puts a lot of mess in my design, I always feel horrible that something is missing, and it leads me to not knowing where to turn ... Even if before constructing a garment, I draw, with all of the details etc., when I start to sew I want to add some details and go further but I get lost in my design. Each time, I want to make "the perfect outfit" with too much of pretty lace, ruffle, chains etc... ._."
    And too, I have a baaaaaaad trust in myself, I never find what I can do quite good for get into the future, hm, how to say... I think "It's just good for me, but not enough for anyone..." So I can't try, even if each time when others seeing my work they are amazed and say its wonderful... I think it's cause they doesn't see the smalls mistakes :x
    So, I would like to know if you had be in a similar way in a moment of your life, and if it's the case, if you can give me a council or something like that for trying to be a best sewing designer and more organized with my clothes design, and maybe how to have a best self-opinion of my work.
    I wanted to ask you at you because you have the nearest design than me (with a lot of flowers (mainly roses), pretty venice lace, silver chains, gemstones, chiffon fabric etc ; the gothic and elegant design in fact...) and I thought you would be the best person to understand my problem and maybe giving a council.
    I Thank You very much for your time you'll take to read my text too wide and especially in the personal time you'll have to take to answer me, and of course if the question seems too complicated or the answer you want to make too personal, do not feel obliged to respond I will understand, after all I am just an anon. (and I'm sorry about that, I haven't any blog or anything, and anyway I'm just too shy ....) and also, my english level is awful, so I hope my words are good and understandable. :)
    Also, I wish you the best result for your project Rosa nitida, I know how hard it can be, but you are very talented and I think you deserve the success.

    Thank again and have a good day. ~

  9. These photos are absolutely beautiful <3 I love them, you both look perfect!

  10. So exciting!! Those photos from the photoshoots are GORGEOUS! Also, will you be showing your new tattoo anytime soon?

    Much Love! <3

  11. Hello everyone!
    Thank you for your sweet messages! I'm really happy you liked the outcome of the photoshoot. <3 I hope to share a lot of new photos with everyone soon. I also have several itsems for sale which I made for the lolita convention. Once I upload them on my blog, I will let you know where to find the photos and prices etc.

    Plus, I will upload some new photos of my tattoo as well. I have couple of pics of it on Facebook already. :)

    Thank you very much for all this kindess. <3 *hugs*

    Kiitos paljon! Ihanaa etta pidat tyoni jaljesta - yritan parhaani ja toivottavasti tulevaisuudessa pystyn laittamaan enemman kuvia toistani ja nayttamaan mihin oikeastaan pystyn. Ensimmainen mallisto on jo suunnitteilla ja sita varten otamme asuista videomateriaalia pienen tarinan ymparoimana. Toivottavasti projekti tulee onnistumaan ja saan tyot valmiiksi ennen joulua.

    Hmm, uskoisin, etta minulla on jossain enemmankin kuvia asuistani ennen vuotta 2009, mutta en tieda mihin olen pistanyt kuvat. Laittelen sitten kuvia blogiini jos satun loytamaan enemman tai vahemman noloa materiaalia ensimmaisista asuistani, haha. Kiitos ehdotuksesta! :)

    Ja tosiaan, yritan tulevaisuudessa kirjoittaa jonkin verran myos suomeksi silla nailla nakymin erityisesti kirjoituspuolen suomen kielen taitoni ovat menossa pain prinkkalaa.

    Kiitos viela kerran ja paljon haleja!

  12. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you very much for your kindest message and for having so much faith in me. I'm truly flattered, thank you! <3
    And I'm also really happy to be contacted by another designer/seamstress - it's a lot of fun, isn't it?

    You know, I think we have the same problem. I'm also quite a perfectionist and often ask myself "Oh, this is totally something that I would wear, but is it good enough for other people? What if I messed up with something and it doesn't fit the person?" I know it's hard to always be the one judging yourself the hardest, but in a way that's something what makes the work we do even more special: We put all our skills, our hearts and souls into what we do and we think other people before ourselves. In a way, it's a very good attitude, but takes lots of energy, of course.
    So, what I have come up with this problem is that we need to take things more easy sometimes. It is okay to fail sometimes as from failures we will learn more than expected! Afterall, we are all human beings (I'm totally a cat, though, haha) and one big part of humanity is the fact that we aren't perfect. It's totally perfect to be imperfect too, you know.

    So, my overall tip would be that be kind to yourself. It's okay to pay a lot of attention in what you do and plan everything, but to work too hard on the small little details isn't worth it. Make one design that you are very satisfied in and start marketing that, ask people what they think, what they would improve and develop your design from that. It works surprisingly well! :)

    Also, one good way to work is that don't think about money too much (unless it's your job and you make your living out of it in which case you need to have a very good website and a clear collection to success) and keep in mind the goal that you wish that the person loves the item! ASk many guestions such as what kinds of details do you like? What kinds of materials etc.? It will make your work a lot easier that way. :)

    I hope you have a wonderful day and I wish you all the luck in the world! I hope to see your work some day and maybe collaborate together too.
    Thank you again!

    Many hugs,

  13. I discovered your brand at Lolita convention. I love your work, it is very elegant and professional. You have your own universe, and I hope you will continue on this way.
    The photoshoot is so beautiful. You are gorgeous.

    Sorry for my bad english !
    I wish you all the best for the future.


  14. You are very beautiful! I admire your images!

  15. wonderful pictures as always! ive given you a blog award if you fancy seeing it

  16. Hi Iira !
    I am the anon who asked you a council about sewing and design ! As I wanted to answer at yours, I thought it is better if i put my name at least it is more pleasant to continue the discussion when we know with who we talk. (although you have just my name in fact haha)
    Indeed it is very nice to have a conversation with another designer, it is really interesting and we can see that even if the inspiration can be similar, design techniques and approach to art and beauty can be very different and it is here I think it is really interesting. :)
    Also I am very happy if you enjoyed my question.

    I think you are absolutely right, the most important is to make our best and mainly take all the fun we can for make our art, it is here I think it is maybe better to work with a material that we love to work with, although I can work with any material, but I really enjoy to work with chiffon, silk or velvet rather. ^^ (And this is maybe what a lot of lolitas likes after all ^^) The best is still I make few clothes and accessories and put some pictures on a blog (a tumblr for exemple, I think it is a good way) and see what people thinks about it.
    What I want in a first point isn't money, I want at first make clothes for passion, to share my point of view of art and the way I design with others (I think sewing (and every arts) are a way to share our way of seeing the beauty and it is why the others can like or dislike, but it is another subject haha ^^) yes I am a lot in "sharing" way. :3 Of course I need money too (if i want continue to create) , but this is not my priority, even if I plan to be a designer at full time in the futur, that is not for now, I need to perfect my technique and start to have full of critics at first. :)

    I thank you a lot for have replied at my question and for the wonderful advice you gave me it is very good for me since you are more experienced than me in this way, so I'm going to practice and do things as I see them without doing more than is needed initially and make known my sewing from other people and to have critics, the trick is not to hurry. I will quietly with my time and of course when all is ready I would be happy to show you my sewing (after all I came to you for advice so it's the least I can do hehee: 3) and of course if you appreciate my way I'd be very flattered to work with you!
    I apologize in advance for the number of probable english misspelling its also something here that I need to improve

    I wish you a wonderful day and hope you enjoyed to discuss with me ! <3