Thursday, January 26, 2012

Interview on Mode Lolita, updates on FAQ & new customer photos

Yeah, the rain ate my hairdo.. >___>
(Couple of hairdos from a while back. I will post more photos later on.)

Hello again - it has been a while,

This will be a quick update and this time I promise to make the another update in couple of days as there are so many things that I would like to talk about - it would look just messy if I dumped everything here at once, I think. So, I decided to cut the huge pile of topics into several pieces, so that you could perhaps read about my sometimes very confusing thoughts a bit more often. I hope your eyes don't suffer too much. |D

Yes, I know, I'm so bad at updating my blog, but I try my best although life has been quite crazy for a while again.
I have got a lot of new sewing commissions and been interviewed by several people and a Finnish magazine called Inez (the interview was about J-rock). You can find one of my interviews on Mode Lolita (written both in French and English). There are many typos here and there, like always as I write in a hurry, but I hope you don't mind and will enjoy the interview in a way or another. :')

I also updated the FAQ and Sales pages of Rosa Nitida, and more is coming soon. There are still some unlisted items that I need to find a better home as I haven't worn them that much myself.

I also got the honour to use these beautiful photos from Keely who commissioned me a RedxWhite headdress and bought a lace bow jabot that I made almost two years ago already. Thank you Keely for sharing these stunning pictures with me and all of us! <3 Just look at her! *__*

And here is one commission that I made a while ago: a black, velveteen and very stirdy half bonnet with venetian lace, feathers, roses, buttons and crosses. I planned to make myself one some day too... >___>

I'm also looking forward to our two trips to Paris next month. First just for fun and later to see Kaya (click here for a music video if you don't know who he is) on 25th of February. Loads of photos that will be! :)

Okay, I think I need to have some sleep as I haven't really been sleeping lately (4 nights in a row without sleep), so I will continue with another post in couple of days. Insomnia is one hell of a pain in the neck.. However, I'm enjoying life more than in a long time after my health has gotten better.

Thank you again for reading and all the support! It really warms up my heart to see that there are people that find my blog worth reading. I really appreciate all the comments and especially the concrit - be brave and don't hesitate tell me what you think. :)
I will be posting also some of the videos that I have made, including tutorials and material from Finland.

So, good night and many hugs that is for now!

With best wishes,


  1. Kaya's concert is AMAZING, in one word. Last year he came to my country and was unforgettable. I hope you enjoy. ♪

  2. your outfit looks so nice~. too bad about the rain, but it still looked awesome even after that haha.

    do your best to stay well rested :3.

  3. I'm truly looking forward to the concert as I have been listening to his music for a very long time. I can't wait! <3

    Oh, haha, thank you! I'm glad you think that way. It's definately my luck that it rains once you have finally achieved perfect angel curls.. So, I end up looking like a bat instead. >:'3

    Thank you! Will do. <3

  4. Oh, I'm going to see Kaya in Paris too! I'll have the chance to see one of your impressive coords in real life then. You always look so cool~

  5. You always look so amazing ♥ And your commissions are incredible. I feel honoured to have one made by you.

    Have fun at the concert in Paris!!

  6. You look amazing as always and so does Keeley in the pieces you made for her! I can't wait to get my pieces from you<3 I already know they will look breathtaking.

    Have lots of fun in Paris! Kaya is such an amazing artist, so I know you will!<3

  7. You look so lovely, I like the blue coat! It's suits you so well! ( I said that before hahaha)
    The bonnet and the headdress you made are so beautiful! <3
    I hope you have fun in Paris and with the Kaya concert! :D
    I wish I could go to a concert from Kaya sometimes...

  8. Anonymous: Oh, but come to say hello to me if you see me around. It's always nice to talk to people before or after concerts. I might be there lining a bit before the concert. :)
    And thank you for your lovely comment.
    Niesje: Thank you very much again! I'm really glad that you like what I make. I couldn't hope more. <3
    I'm looking forward to see you some day again!
    Josine: Oh, thank you! That is a very kind thing to be sai. Keeley looks absolutely amazing with the headdress. The combination of white and red suit her perfectly. <3

    Thank you! I'm really looking forward to see him live. :)
    Thank you very much! I'm glad you like the coat. :)
    Thank you - I'm sure I will and if I don't, I would be more than surprised.
    I'm sure you will have the chance some day.
    Thank you for your lovely comment!

  9. The half bonnet is absolutly beauty <3

  10. Näytät niin kauniilta kuvissasi. <3

  11. Jade: Thank you! I'm glad you like it. <3
    Jindalrae: Kiitos paljon! <3 Ihanasti sanottu.