Sunday, November 27, 2011

A make up and hair tutorial + sewings

(My pink wig and make up for Halloween and a casual look with my panda earmuffs. I will post more pics of the outfits itself later as I want to keep this entry as sewing and tutorial related as possible.)

Hello there again,

I'm back to Finland for a month or so. Yay!

And before you say it, yes I know I haven't been updating often enough lately, but as I promised last time, I wouldn't mention about being too busy. Ehm, yeah. Busy.
However, here's a quick update about what I have been doing lately when it comes to lolita and aristocrat. It's not much as I have been travelling and trying to concentrate in studying and working. I need to find myself an apartment from Helsinki - anyone willing to move there with me? :3

So, here's the, gothic aristocrat - royal blue coat, make up tutorial that I uploaded online couple of days ago (I will add instructions to it as soon as possible):

And here are couple of the items that I have made as commissions and for myself lately:

My new long royal blue coat. In the first pic it's unfinished and while wearing it, it's very close to finished - I just couldn't help to try it on. :''3
The coat was inspired by Kamijo from a band called Versailles, formely from Lareine of which the song Metamorphose has been a huge inspiration for me personally. I'm still very much so addicted to Visual Kei.

A "test" choker that I made few weeks ago as I wanted to test my new lace. I would like to sell this, so as it is a test piece, please feel free to suggest me a price if you wish to buy it. :)

A red x white headdress made as commission to my friend to Canada.

A big velveteen pirate lolita hat.

A black headdress with roses, feathers, French veil, a butterfly, chains and crosses.

Oh, I need to run again! I will be uploading more pics and tutorials online soon, and answer all the comments too! :)
Thank you for reading and I wish you have a wonderful week.

With best wishes and many hugs,


  1. Love the video! It was great to see the process. I wish I was more creative with dramatic makeup like you. I always either chicken out or make a horrible smudgy mess of things. ^_^" So I would really appreciate more makeup videos if you have the time. I'm not quite sure about the hair though. :/ I feel like I want to like it and I know where you're going with it, but... I'm not sure. I do think the rose pulls it together nicely though.

    Oh and that blue coat is to die for! Amazing job! I really like your pulled back hair in the pics with it too. It has a very princely look to it. X3

  2. I love the coat! I'd like to make a Kamijo-inspired coat as well, but I don't think my sewing skills are that good yet.
    The make up tutorial was very good as well- it's nice to see how to achieve such dramatic looks ^_^

  3. I'm in love with your coat ♥ It hs the perfect color of blue. Would you do commisions for coats in the future? I need a winter lolita coat but can't find one I really like..

    Your 'test'choker looks pretty! I wouldn't mind of buying it, but I really wouldn't know to name a price..

    And that pirate hat, how awesome! The person that commissioned it will be a very happy person ♥

    I really like your new tutorial. I always enjoy seeing those video's of you.

    Enjoy your stay in Finland~

  4. I hope you have a great time in Finland!

    Thanks for the video! It's always nice to see new video's of you and also very usefull. ^^

    And that coat it's an amazing coat, I love it!
    I was wondering if it was inspired on Kamijo, I suppose I was right :P
    I love versailles, I like their music and their outfits are awesome <3

    Oh the pirate hat *_* Now I'm so jealous of the who commissioned it xD

  5. Iira, hope you are having a great time in Finland and take enough rest and time off to do nice things<3

    Thank you so much for the video, you're really inspiring and I tried the make-up out this morning and really liked it^^

    And I can't even start on your coat. Hope you take commissions for coats, cause then I certainly want one!<3 The blue color is amazing.
    You can totally see you love Versailles! I love them too, they're true inspiration for me.

    And the black headdress<3 I'm so in love with it! And also with the pirate hat. You make such gorgeous things!

  6. Hei Iina! Minua kiinnostaisi todella paljon tietää mm. mistä materiaalista ja kuinka olet tehnyt aristohattusi, kuten se vanhempi hattusi, jonka olet tehnyt ainakin jo ennen vuotta 2009, sekä etenkin tuon piraattihatun.
    Kuinka oikein saat niiden muodon tehtyä, vai onko sinulla valmiit hattupohjat?
    Kiitoksia paljon jos ollenkaan haluat paljastaa taitavien ompelutöittesi saloja. : )

  7. The coat is absolutly amazing <3.

  8. I love the blue coat, you are right, it's very "metamorphose"-like. It would look beautiful with the pirate lolita hat!

  9. Beautiful! Your makeup and hair tutorial is very inspiring. And the coat is just gorgeous! I'm glad to have run across your blog and now you have a new follower. :)

  10. you're a fairytale! love the blog

  11. You're such wonderfull lolita ! Your make-up, hair style, clothes, all about you is perfect. And I love white skin with platinum blonde <3 if one day I become a lolita, I'll dream to have you like big sister.

    I think It can interest you:

  12. Hello, hello and sorry for my late reply.
    Thank you for all the lovely comments. I really appreciate every word that is shared with me. <3
    I will answer shortly this time as I need to hurry to get atleast two hours of sleep this night:
    -I would love to commission coats in the future, but when that is, I don't know. Coats aren't the easiest to make and as I'm not a professional, I need a lot of practice before I can trust my skills enough. :)
    -I'm glad you liked the coat and the video. Sometimes I end up thinking that do people really find this useful, so it's nice to hear that they have been useful atleast for some. <3
    -And thank you very much for wishing me a great stay in Finland. I really had amazing time during my stay and met with a huge amount of people.
    -Hei Rosalia, teen hattujen pohjat itse yleensa kolmikerroksisesta hieman kartonkia paksummasta pahvista, jonka paallystan kontaktimuovilla seka tarkilla. Siihen sitten vetaisen yleensa kankaan paalle ja voila! Hattu on valmis. :) Piraattihatun tein paksusta, jykevasta peruspahvista, jonka paallystin kontaktimuovilla. Tallaista liimaa-leikkaa-askartele touhuahan tama vahan on kun kyseessa on lahinna harrastus. :) Kiitos kuitenkin, kun kysyit.
    -I have always wanted a lolita little sister. ;___; IT would be so amazing to make a documentary about something like that.
    Thank you for the link, Yoshi!

    I hope you all have a great rest of the week and weekend! <3


  13. Iira,
    Your blue coat is fantastic. Are you currently doing commissions? I would love to purchase one.
    Thank you.