Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog update, sewings, casual pics and a lot more

Because I'm a baby face.

Hello again,

My updates come very randomly, don't they? Well, atleast there are some updates and even video tutorials planned to be online soon, so no worries. Me is just busy (especially if Mom is wondering about this: yes, your daughter is busy with studies, work and creative hobbies - you better be proud, haha). And now it feels like I keep repeating this same song time after time although all of my friends do most likely know that I'm busy. So, I stop it here, I promise.

  • I added more items on the Sales page (still no items made by me, sorry).
  • I also added more information on the FAQ page surrounding the question that I got on formspring: "Where do I recognize what is good quality and what is bad quality when it comes to aristocratic clothing? Especially when it comes to buying online?" (I will fix the links to the pics soon)
What the future entries will include:
  • video make up and hair tutorials (again, no voice because my boyfriend was sleeping, and a bad web cam quality)
  • pictures of sewings
  • outfit posts
  • a video about how to build up an aristocratic outfit
  • sewing tutorials
  • DOs and DON'Ts
  • in the name of saving time in general, make mostly video diaries and start speaking in them. However, I might need a better quality web cam or a video camera for that...
  • online portfolio with proper pics
  • and many others

One problem though... Where do I find time for all this?

(my new necklace that many people on Facebook described to look something like "the Heart of the Ocean" in Titanic movie - my skin is really bluish white like in the pic, depending on the day)

You can buy the necklace/ring in blue and many other colours on by searching with keywords such as "crystal pendant", "crystal charm" and choosing the free shipping option from the left side of the page. I myself bought these with few euros only (including the shipping).

I wanted to write today something about my latest sewings and some entries and pictures that I have added on my blog. I'm also building up a real web site once I have got some good quality stock pics and such taken. However, I still live in a basement and I have nowhere to do sewing in (unless it comes to smaller pieces that I can sew basically anywhere - not if I need bigger amounts of fabric) not to mention to take pictures (there's no light). So, basically my plans have been delayed with couple of months as I need to work at the practice where my bf needs help. I have been now "helping" for many months and getting literally tired of it...
However, hopefully during Christmas I have the chance to do more sewing as I'm visiting Finland and my mother's place. I have so much to do with all the sewing and such.

Here are few links to the pics that I would like to share with you:

Any people who would like to participate in developing Rosa Nitida and working with me in the future?
For now I cannot promise any money to be given out as I myself don't earn much (for now I'm just investing into fabrics etc, so I basically lose money at the moment), but in the future that might be possible if things start going smoothly for now on. :) So, if you would consider this all something fun to do and think that you would enjoy being part of developing Rosa Nitida (there will be crideits for you too later on, of course), please let me know by sending me an e-mail to
And, please feel free to check out About Rosa Nitida page for more info about media and future goals and plans. My brother will hopefully be able to do modelling for me somewhere around Christmas, so if you were wondering, here's one pic of him (he is slightly taller than I - more than 6"1' and more or less a masculine version of me with pale skin, blonde hair, blue eyes and a narrow, but a lot stronger, body structure - we look so similar that it's almost creepy. We were born both in March - me in 13th and he in 14th, but he is seven years older. I'm really very proud of him. <3):

And more casual pics that I just feel like dumping here as I don't feel like doing it later. What do you think of the brown wig/red wig? Good or bad? They both cost me only few euros - not bad, huh?

My casual hairdo and make up almost every day - so, SO boring. -_-

Something extra - A dream:

I have also had this silly dream for a long time where I buy a small cottage on a countryside forest in Finland (close to Helsinki - like Kirkkonummi) or somewhere else in the world. I would decorate the house in a beautiful way, dedicate one room for sewing etc. and have a bed & breakfast type of company that also offers outdoor activities like horse riding, camping, wintery activities when there's a lot of snow and trips to Helsinki/to the big city etc. The cottage would have a fireplace that would be on in the evenings when it gets dark and the guest(s) have the chance to enjoy coffee/tea/hot chocolate infront of it after exploring the wintery lake (skating on the ice of the lake!) and forest with horses/by skiing/by walking. And during summer go to sauna, swimming to the lake and build a fireplace where we grill the self-caught fish after fishing and just relax. There are so many things to do, like eating berries straight from the forest as fresh as they can be or baking them into a pie, and later eat the pie with vanilla custard and cinnamon. And during Autumn I could teach people a lot about different kinds of mushrooms. And and.. I would grow the most basic things myself in my own garden and just be there with the people I really care about. And... Back to the nature basically.
Yeah, well, a dream is a dream...

So, yes, I really miss the forest I have lived for my whole life.
Here in Holland you have only human made forests and the nature lacks so many things that I feel almost sad. In a big city like Amsterdam, I'm never alone, I can't walk barefeet outside and there's this constant noise around me that I can't get rid of - the prolems of big cities, I know. Otherwise this city is very clean and beautiful and has so many things that I love about it that I cannot find anywhere else. I just need my forest in Finland occasionally as it is so big part of me, I noticed. Maybe I'll take a video at the wintery forest of mine this Christmas. Maybe I'll go there with granny and my brother's children and play snow war with them. :3

To give more credits to Natalie Shau for her great work at the beginning of this year. Thank you!

Thank you for reading again and I hope you all spend a wonderful week!
Many hugs,


  1. that red wig looks great on you :D:D

  2. I love the brown wig! I can belive you only got them for a few euros! <3 And the heart of the ocean pendant is absolutely breathtaking! You are such an inspiration! <3

  3. I know the feeling of lacking forests. Here we don't have even man-made ones and I get these agoraphobic moments when it just feels like I cannot escape anywhere. -.-; Even though I love living here, a could of tall trees really would help.

    I like the brown wig a lot. The red one looks a bit too obviously wig-like for my tastes but it does give a striking contrast to your skin.

    Looking forward to them future entries, they sound pretty awesome already! :D

  4. I can't believe the wig only costed a few euro's, and the same goes for the beautiful ring and necklace ♥

    And I always enjoy watching your sewings, so gorgeos and detailed.
    Your brother looks alot like you, you can really see you two are family, how nice!

    Are you looking for people to sew with you for Rosa Nitida? If so, I really hope you will find some nice and talented people. And if you ever need models to show of some of your designs, I would happily help you out with that ♥♥♥

    I hope you will make a lovely video of the forest in Finland, it must look beautiful with all the snow! I can imagine that you miss it, since you grown up with it.

  5. wow I can't believe you bought those wigs, ring and neckless only for a few euro. All of these things are pretty! ^^

    I love the things you made, you are so talented! I hope you can find some people who can help you with Rosa Nitida. I would help you if I could but I'm very bad at sewing >.<
    But if you need some models for your designs, I would be very happy to help you. ^_~

    I can understand that you miss the forest in Finland. I think you have to search very well to find a 'real' forest here in Holland. Unfortunately Holland is a little bit too small for that.

    I'm looking forward to your future entries! :D

  6. Hello Iira,

    Wow, can't believe your beautiful jewelry costs only a few euros, very tempted to search on Ebay now :P

    I really enjoyed watching your sewings, they seem to get more detailled and better everytime<3 You're really talented and I hope you can keep everything up!:)

    If you're looking for people to help you out with Rosa Nitida, I sure will model for you, it would be a pleasure!^^ I can also take photographs with a pretty decent camera, but I'm not a professional. Though, I know some people who are really great photographers, so I could ask them, if you like?

    Your dream about Finland sounds extremely amazing<3 That's what I love about Scandinavian countries: The large dark forests, I always have a fairytale feel when I watch photos of the forests and I sure want to visit Finland one day to see them for real.. So, if your dream comes true, I will be a regular visitor!^^

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