Saturday, September 17, 2011

Berlin and Drop Dead festival 2011

Hello there!

Sorry for not being able to update in a long time once again. I'm always busy with my work and life in general, so I need to prioritize things a lot and unfortunately for now my blog isn't the first, or second, or third, or fourth in the list of mine.

However, I would finally like to share most of the pics from Berlin (the city in general and Drop Dead festival) that I have already uploaded on Facebook, on my blog as well.
I really like Berlin as a city and fell in loves especially the East side of the city as I found it a lot more edgy than the West side. We also ate the best Ramen I have ever had, visited an all you can eat sushi circle where I stuffed close to 130 pieces of sushi and other kinds of food into my tummy. I was literally about to crack that time. :')
However, what I noticed was that you could eat something EVERYWHERE in the city, but the quality of the food wasn't so good in most cases. The food was fatty and very salty - so no wonder German people in average are bigger than most of the people in Europe. It's actually quite alarming, just like the situation in UK and Finland.

I actually got a horrible stomach ache of the amount of fat that I ate during my trip, so for one day when I was supposed to meet with German lolitas, I was too tired to attend the meeting. I was really looking forward to meeting with people after talking so much with them. However, hopefully some day I will have the chance to visit Germany again and will meet with all the lovely people finally. Because of the greazy food (as you can see, I was really shocked, haha) we ended up eating only Japanese in the end and it took days for me to purify my body from the amount of fat and salt that I ate later, but to be very honest, I think that the food in Germany was a lot more tasty than in most countries - especially when it comes to desserts.

We also attended this event called Drop Dead festival in Berlin which is a very interesting annual Death Rock festival full of colourful performances and people. I even met with DJ SiSeN (he lives in Germany nowadays) after so many years (I met him last time in Finland 2008 at Tokyo Decadance). The event itself was really interesting, but unfortunately I didn't enjoy my time as much as I would have if I had met my friends there. For some reason the friends of my boyfriend didn't want to hang around with us. And well, the whole idea to attend events like that is to meet with your friends or to make new friends, so I felt very much so out of place.

The hotel we lived in was called nHow hotel which is very well known as a music hotel wit its own recording studio, musical instruments and a very modern design (a lot of pink everywhere). Click here to read more about it. I can definately recommand the hotel to anyone who is willing to pay a bit more to stay in a nice place with incredible views over the city.

I will write an update about sewings, tutorials and such, and answer questions and comments, and organize the pages later as well. I will also try to take more pictures of my outfits too - However, I haven't been really wearing lolita in a long time because I'm always so busy. stupid bookeepin and no-brainer assistants... -.-
Thank you for reading again and I hope you have a wonderful day! <3

Here you go, a huge amount of pictures (notice my bunny bag and the ageha magazine that I bought) - and again, sorry for the random order of the pictures (blogger is such a meanie):


  1. Nice pic's you have made in Berlin. When I was watching them, they make me think I wanna go back ! I love Berlin, especially the east side of the city, but yes the food is rubbish. I also have almost only eat Japanese during my trip in Berlin ^^

  2. Aivan mielettömän upeita rakennuksia! (*-*) Aivan pakko päästä käymään kyllä Berliinissä joku päivä noiden rakennusten takia ja muutenkin kaupunki on varmasti varsin miellyttävä paikka. Jospa vaikka sattumalta törmäisin DJ SiSeNiin kerran miekkonen siellä nyt pitää majaansa :D Meno festivaaleilla oli varmasti melkoinen, ainakin toivon niin :D

  3. I love your photo's, they always tell alot more than words. I really should go to Berlin someday!

  4. This looks amazing and you're stunning as always :D

  5. Berlin is my favorite european city so far, i just adore it and this made me miss it.

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