Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two casual outfits and a tumblr

(This photo and the expression I have are absolutely priceless - I honestly have no idea when and how I took a picture like this, but it has certainly made me laugh. I hope that you would fin it funny as well, in a way or another.)

Hello and sorry for the late update - I now give you a reason to spank me mentally, not too hard, though. Just so that I learn how to update every week.

However for my defence, I got to admit that travelling is stressful - it's a
lot of fun, but stressful too. I will write more about the trip to Germany, Berlin, later. I'm also in the middle of making a new hair and make up tutorial that is supposed to be a bit different to the others. Plus, there will be a sewing tutorial for a choker that I will sell later as well. :)

Here you go, two casual gothic outfits (one aristocrat and one lolita). I don't personally like these pics much, but this is all I have for now...

About my outfits:

The blue dress is self made, blouse off brand and otherwise I'm wearing Moitie together with vintage items.

(Blogger is messing around with me once again... Maybe I'll just change to Wordpress some day when I have time.)

Starting from today Rosa Nitida has a tumblr as well: http://rosanitida.tumblr.com/

For now I have dumped there mainly photos of myself which might first look slightly egoistic, but what my goal is that I don't have to do that later (I hate watching my own face all the time, haha) and that I could start posting only few inspirational pics (while today I posted close to 70) a day/week to make sure that I don't spam others tumblr too much. I'm really looking forward to reblog and post more photos in the future as I found out that tumblr is also a great way to store your own personal inspirations and share those with your friends. This way I will most likely find all the photos that I like easily.

Emotions for today: "Argh! I want to take more good pictures again and wear lolita/aristocrat more often! >:| *jumping around the room*"

I'm also adding few items for sale (mostly second hand brand like Moitie, off brand jackets, wigs and one item for Rosa Nitida) hopefully today or tomorrow.

I'm so running out of time here. What I also need to do is to move to a new apartment, build furniture (I quite worship IKEA now), do book keeping, do sewing, travel to Finland, Belgium and UK (London), meet with friends, study, write a lot of e-mails and letters, sleep, work at the practice and get well at some point (someone is having a high fever here). However, I will do it! There's a lot to do, but at some point, once I have finally settled down here, I can really start working and studying and really concentrate on what is important. >:3

So, I will find my way to do some book keeping and sewing now! *tatatatatta*
I'm also planning to have a trip to Japan, Tokyo, next summer. Anyone coming with me? :3

Many hugs,


  1. I really like your outfits! The blue lolita dress is really beautiful, but my favourite is the aristocrat one! :D

    And good luck with moving to a new appartment and all the other stuf that's on your to-do-list! ^^

  2. Beautiful outfits! I love the blue lolita dress, it's so pretty! :D

    Good luck with moving and it's nice that you are planning a trip to Japan next summer! When you go please post something about it on your blog, it would be nice to read about your trip. I would love to travel to Japan sometime.
    *I still haven't saved enough money :P *

  3. Thank you so very much, sweethearts! I'm glad you liked the outfits and I feel very encouraged by your words right now. I will do my best! >:3

    *many hugs*

    And, I will definately write more about my trips when I get the chance. they are so good memories for me too when I read my blog through - it's almost like reading a diary! :)

    I haven't saved enough money yet either, but maybe before next summer I have.

  4. I love the blue and black! You look great as always.

    And I'm very much looking forward to the choker sewing tutorial. ^_^ Thank you in advance!

  5. Lovely outfits ! Your tumble is also lovely. I have follow it.
    Good luck with moving to your new appartment.

  6. I love both the outfits. I always wonder how you manage to look this beautiful all the time ♥
    The blue dress looks wonderfull!

    I'm looking forward to your upcoming tutorials. And I wish you a lovely time with your trips. And good luck with the building, I love Ikea as well! They have so many lovely furniture!


  7. Hello Iira,

    I received your message on Face Book for the comission !
    I would like to know if it's possible for you to take a picture of the hat ?
    I know that you are pretty busy, so I'm truly sorry for asking you that.

    Thank you,


  8. aww... I've missed you! I absolutely love your Lolita outfit! It's so beautiful! <3

  9. Your outfits looks so lovely, I love the blue dress<3

    I'm looking forward to your upcoming tutorials!:D
    And ofcourse, good luck with moving and everything, hope you can take a break soon!:3

  10. that first picture really is striking, i really like it! XD