Thursday, September 1, 2011


There's a lot of information about commissions on the Commissions page of Rosa Nitida. If you are interested in having one, please feel free to send me a message to by following the instructions on the particular page.
Check out for pictures on Gallery or come to me with your own idea/design. :)
There will be more tutorials and better quality pictures coming soon as well.

(It's the cellphone quality again...)

Hello sweethearts!

I will quickly post here some of my latest sewings from which most of them are commissions. I hope you like them and will follow the changes on my blog as the pages, header and background aren't finished yet. Thank you for all the commissions and support that I have got. It really gives me a lot of energy to keep going and to do what I love. I'm now going for a trip to Germany, so I don't have time to do sewing for a while - I also work with a lot of other things at the same time. I'll update my blog again once we have got safely back from Berlin to Amsterdam. I'll take loads of photos, I promise.

There are a lot more photos to be uploaded. Thank you for all the lovely comments on Facebook as well.
So, for now, Drop Dead festival: "Here we come! :3"

Here is one casual outfit that never got proper pictures taken:

P.S. I really wish that someone could take my pictures even when I'm not wearing lolita - I just recently got myself a proper mirror as well. I would love to post more pictures that aren't taken either with web cam or cellphone quality... Oh well, but I try to take more photos in the future. I just work and study 24/7, but maybe at some point I have the chance to dress up again. Would be nice if my boyfriend liked lolita or me doing sewing at all... *a very, VERY sad face*
Notice that most of these pictures were taken while the items weren't finished yet. I will upload the finished versions online soon as well.

And before I forget: Thank you for reading and answering to the poll! I will come up with a new one later this evening. However, now I need to run! There's a lot to do and prepare.

I hope to see you on Rosa Nitida later again!

Many hugs,

Only some of the commissions (more coming soon):


  1. I always enjoy seeing your work.
    You can see by the commissions that it has been made with love. You have an eye for detail and the items always look so classy and elegant. Please keep up the good work, as long as you enjoy sewing ♥

    And you look lovely dear, no matter what you wear, lolita or non-lolita. You would make a garbage bag look classy if you would wear it!

    Please enjoy your stay in Germany, and have a wonderfull time~

  2. Those latest comissions look wonderfull. You really have a talent dear!
    And I know what you mean with those casual outfits, i've been putting a lot of effort in my casual outfit lately. I would also love to post some of them online.

  3. Ihanaa kuulla sinusta jälleen Iira~ Olet saanut paljon kivoja juttuja tehdyksi viime aikoina, aivan ihastuttavia kerta kaikkiaan ♥

    Pidä hauskaa Berliinissä! Toivon itsekin pääseväni joskus käymään kyseisessä kaupungissa, sillä olen halunnut käydä siellä jo vaikka kuinka kauan, koska siellä oleva arkkitehtuuri on aivan upeaa! ♥ (*-*)

  4. I really love to see pictures of the stuff you have been sewing. They all look wonderful! Really amazing! <3

    And I enjoy your outfit pictures too! ^^ So I hope to see more of them now that you have a mirror. :)

    I hope you will have a lot of fun in Germany!! :D

  5. Love your gallery! My usual favorite style is classic lolita, but whenever I see your blog the darker side of me is inspired. You always look so elegant. Keep up the good work.

  6. I'm in love with first photo *__* You are so beautiful Iira!

  7. Iira,

    First, you look absolutely stunning, you look so romantic and classy, I love it<3

    I hope you have a good time in Germany, and I truly hope your boyfriend will be more supportive, it's okay to be different, but acceptance is of great importance. My boyfriend often gets tired of me ranting about new dresses and classical music, but he supports me when I have a fashionshow, for example. And sometimes when I'm lucky I can listen to Purcell in his car ;p The other way around, he often talks about car and audio, and it isn't my thing, but I support him when he has a car day. It's the greatest thing to see him happy, it makes me happy too.
    Anyway, hope the problem will be solved soon, it would be great if your boyfriend would be supportive for you :)

    And your commissions look wonderful, totally can't wait until my commissions are finished!<3
    I will answer your email soon, but first, enjoy your holiday<3


  8. the rose accessories is so lovely! :D:D

  9. I love your casual outfit to bits and back! :O See-through fabrics look so elegant on you.

    As for your commission works, superb as usual. I always love to see your posts about the things you've made but I fail commenting, so now I thought I totally have to make a confession that they tend to always make my day. You have a perfect eye for details and combining things and colours in your work. I'm particularly stunned by every white item in here, your ideas are brilliant and the end results look absolutely luxurious... I'd rather buy from you than most lolita brands, anytime!

  10. what a shame, i'm desperately looking for people to take pictures of. if you're ever in New York let me know! <3

  11. Voisitko laittaa joskus päähinetutoraalia tänne? Työsi ovat niin ihania että haluaisin yrittää itsekin.