Friday, August 19, 2011

Rosa Nitida is under construction.

Hello, hello!

As you can see, there are many changes happening on Rosa Nitida. The biggest change comes with the Pages added below the header.

I hope that you are looking forward to the time when all this is finished (read: within few days). So, don't be too surprised if you see something weird happening at my blog. It's just most likely me trying out new features. :)

Apparentally I also won something at Summer Darkness - Thank you very much! I'm flattered. (*rolls on the floor*): CLICK HERE to see what I won.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the lolita fashion show video from Summer Darkness, Holland arranged by the lovely Leyla from Mfashion (Everyone looked amazing - I almost didn't believe my eyes. <3)

Thank you for my readers and my friends for the support and for reading my blog. I hope that people will have enough interest towards the commissions as well - the current waiting list is two months. Thank you for all the orders and the interest towards my work! <3 I couldn't be happier and more flattered as I am at the moment.

Many hugs,


  1. Näyttää kivalta tuo uusi ulkoasu^^ Se on myös varsin helppo ja siitä varmasti löytää aikaajoin hyvin kaikkea kivaa sinusta ja mitä olet tehnyt yms. Varsin kiva idea ainakin minun mielestäni tuo erilaisten sivujen teko ^^

    Myös toi linkkaamasi linkki tuonne Summer Darkensiin on kiva juttu! :D Vitsi, olis kiva päästä joskus käymään tuossa tilaisuudessa, voisi olla varsin kiva^^

    Ja tuo lolita muotinäytös oli myös kiva, paljon hienoja asukokonaisuuksia kaikilla~ ♥

  2. Congrats! and I'm really looking forward to your blog is completely done :D Looks nice so far :D

  3. The blog looks so good ^^. Great job¡

    Congratulations for the award :D

  4. Iira! Sweetheart! Congratulations on the prize! :D *hugs*

    I love how your lovely blog is turning out, and I'll be looking forward to seeing all the changes once you've finish it!^^

    Summer Darkness video is simply fabulous!! Look at all the people there, looking so gorgeous!! *0*

    I hope you are having a most wonderful weekend! <3

    Lots of love,


  5. it's looking really good! the grey at the sides really balances out the black so it's not too dark :3. i look forward to seeing the final look ^^.

  6. Your blog looks good already, can't wait to see the finnished blog ^^

  7. Thank you for all the comments! <3 I'm glad to hear that you like the changes done so far - and more is coming soon! I hope to put some items on sale as well because there re few items that I just cn't find any use for a reason or another. I will also try to find the time to sew few items for general sales of Rosa Nitida too.

    I hope you are looking forward to the changes to be done in the future as at the moment the pages aren't finished. :) I hope to put some colour on the background as well.

    Mny many hugs and lots of love,

  8. You are the most beautiful Lolita of all...
    You are fantastic!!!!!!!!!