Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Darkness & video tutorial 4

Hello again, everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank all the lovely people and friends of mine that I met again here in Holland - this time in a gothic festival called Summer Darkness (http://www.summerdarkness.nl/festival/). In the evening, after the event, I was thinking that I really must be very lucky to have met such a big group of kind, polite and fun people.
This might sounds tacky, but I really am very moved of how nice people here are - I was literally in tears because of the thought.
The Dutch lolitas remind me so much of the amazing community that we have in Finland as well, so I'm definately looking forward to meet with everyone some day soon again. *many hugs*
Even the gothic church where the festival was held was undescribably amazing, almost unreal, as I haven't seen anything like that in my whole life. I would love to take more pictures there some day.

This was my outfit for Summer Darkness 2011 at Utrecht, Holland (31.7.2011).

About the outfit:
Dress, choker: self-made
Socks: Moi-même-Moitié
Coat, parasol: BABY
Shoes, roses in my hair: off brand

And here you can see the coat and parasol that were bought from Paris (BABY, the Stars Shine Bright store) - the buttons of the coat are roses and the white fabric has silver glitter string sewn all over it, so the complete look of the coat is very different to what I usually prefer. However, I love the coat a lot and even more because it was bought by my boyfriend. *kisses to him*

Here are more pictures that I took with other people. I didn't have a camera of my own with me (although I planned to take a lot of pictures), so if you would like to see more photos of the even, please got to their website (link above) where they have some good material of the lolita fashion show as well. :)
I will upload few professional photos later when I receive them.

(With the sweetes Josine. <3 I hope you like the hat that I made for you!)

With the kindest Denise who is wearing a blackxblue headdress made by me. I'm so glad of the fact that it suits her outfit. <3

Edited by other people:

More pictures coming soon! :)

And then to the video make up/hair tutorial that I filmed before the big Dutch lolita meeting in Utrecht:

I'm looking quite tired here as I didn't sleep at all the night before - I was too excited because of the meeting, haha.
If you are looking for hair extensions, I would recommand to buy those online on eBay. Here is a link to what kind of extensions I usually prefer: CLICK HERE

I will later upload more pictures of my latest sewings that I made as commissions. I was so happy to notice that the people who I made the headdresses and hats for really liked them and wear them too. I'm quite hoping to get pictures to my "client gallery" as well, so if you have any pictures that you would like to share and that include something that I have made, let me know! It would be an honour to be able to use people's photos.

Currently I have many commissions to finish, so it's not possible to take more of them for a while. However, once I have finished them, I will start with new ones/start sewing other things, so I hope if you are looking for a commission you will contact me once I announce about new commissions again. Thank you very much for having trust in my skills and for the interest towards my works. I'm truly flattered. <3

HUOM! OBS! I do take reservations for dresses and other designs starting from today, so if you want your name on the list, send me e-mail to iira.salo@suomi24.fi and tell me what you would like to reserve.

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful week and enjoy your life!

I need to take more pictures soon, but for now me goes to sewing! >:3

Many hugs,


  1. Love your outfit (as usual ;) ) you have so much talent and a great taste, that dress is awesome!
    The Tutorial is very help full, i also have short air and i wanted to buy a wig or something... but those extensions are really cool and much better ^^ thank you kisses** <3

  2. Oih, näytät kyllä aivan tajuttoman nätiltä~ Aivan ihana asu kertakaikkiaan! (*-*) Niin paljon kaikkia kivoja yksityiskohtia olet saanut asuusi kyllä laitetuksi~ ('-^)b

  3. You look amazing in this dress! I love it how creativ you are with your hairstyles and make up.

  4. Näytät upealta! Ihana asu<3 ainut vaan, että mielestäni tuo iso valkoinen ruusu hiuksissasi on hieman liikaa tai se on huonosti laitettu, siis sillä että tulee ehkä liikaa esiin :/ tuo iso punainen ruusu on todella kaunis ja nätisti :) Todella kaunis olet <3

  5. Iira, you looked so lovely Sunday, so angelic!
    You make me wanna try to wear white (which I haven't done since I was three :3)

    Also, the hat is absolutely stunning, I made some quick pics with my mobile phone, I will post them on Facebook and will make some more (and better) pictures in the future!

    And thank you so much for the Ebay site with hair extensions, I think I wanna try long black ones :) Hope I can pull it off in combination with the big lovely hat!^^

    And also, I'm going to send you an email right away!^^ I want to reserve 2 dresses :3(cannot choose, they're both too pretty!)

    It was so nice to see you again yesterday, can't wait to see you again :3 Hope there will be a meeting soon after the Efteling meet :3

    Hope you have a lovely day and good luck with all your commissions!<3

  6. You looked so lovely!
    It was nice to see you again. ^^
    Did you like the fashion show?

    Next year you have to be a model for the
    show, if you are still in Holland.
    At least that's what I think :P
    You always look so amazing!

    Good luck with your commissions! ^^
    I'm really curious about my headdress,
    I'm still very happy you want to make one
    for me!

  7. God your so beautiful! you make me want to buy curly extensions :O :D

    Your outfit was so lovely as always:D

  8. Oh, you look amazing in white. I think this colour matches you more than black.

  9. You looked great Sunday! Now I wish that I also visited the church at the inside. I saw some picutures of it and it looks really beautiful there.

  10. You truly looked amazing dear.
    I was in awe when I saw you. ♥
    And I'm so incredibly happy with my headdress, thank you so much for making it for me. It suits my dress perfectly and I feel honoured of wearing it.

    I will email you as well, to reserve a dress! ♥

  11. You look lovely as always. I enjoy watching your makeup and hair videos. You wouldn't happen to be on Lookbook, would you?

  12. you look really beautiful!

    (oh by the way 7 August, there is a big flea market behind Amsterdam Central Station(i live in Amsterdam to). Entrance is €4,- ^^.If you're interested ;).Sorry for my english.


  13. Ajattelin kysyä, että kävitkö Helsingissä asuessasi usein kirpputoreilla? Haluaisitko suositella hyviä kirppiksiä? :)

    Itse yritän jatkuvasti metsästää kirppareilta aristoon sopivia röyhelöpaitoja, harvoin tosin tuntuu löytyvän hyvälaatuisia.

  14. Meikkivideosi ovat hyvin selkeitä, niinpä niiden avulla on hyvä painaa meikkivaiheet mieleen omia kokeiluja varten. Kokeilin tehdä vähän samantyyppisen silmämeikin kuin sinä. Soveltaen omille piirteilleni sopivaksi. Siitä tuli kyllä hyvä! Sen paras puoli oli se että silmät näyttivät isoilta jo ilman tekoripsiä. :) Kampauksesi oli myös hieno. Täytyykin hankkia joskus tuon tapaisia kiharaisia hiuspidennyksiä tuomaan kampauksiin lisää muhkeutta.

    Siitä olen samaa mieltä että ruusuja olisi voinut olla vähemmän. Ja kun laitat irtoripset silmiisi, käytä pinsettejä apuna. Oikeaoppinen tapa.

    Tuleeko designistasi kuvia jonnekin nettiin? Minkä hintaisia tuotteesi tulevat olemaan? =)

    Hauskaa viikonloppua!

  15. Wow...

    You are so tall and beautiful! You are my new hero in fashion!

    I wish I could make garments like you. Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures.

  16. Thank you so much for all the comments! Unfortunately I don't have the time to answer every single one of them individually, so for now on I will write one message that is for all of you. I hope you understand. :)

    I'm so happy to hear that you liked the outfit and are interested in the commissions. *major blush* I'm truly so very flattered. *many hugs*
    There's more information about the overall prices and pictures of what I have done already on this blog at Gallery and Commissions pages. If there's anything to ask, please feel free to send me a message to rosanitida@hotmail.com

    About the flowers: Thank you for sharing your opinions with me. I really appreciate that and I quite agree with the white flower. However, I also admit that it was the whole idea of the white flower, to bring more edge to the outfit - braking the otherwise too soft look. :) Thank you for sharing yout thoughts with me. <3

    Oh, and about the eyelashes, I really cannot use pincers while putting eyelashes on - it just doesn't work, believe me. I tried it and it doesn't work in my case (I don't know why - maybe I'm just too clumsy) Haha. Thank you for the suggestion, though! i will be practising it more in the future and try to be a good example to other in the future and use them. :)

    about flea mrkets in Finland: Yes, I did used to go to flea markets especilly in Helsinki's area and one of my favourites is one of the UFF second hand stores in Iso Roobertinkatu, near to Gloria. Especially the downstairs of the store is good when it comes to aristoable blouses. :) There are other smaller secondhand stores in Helsinki as well, especially in Hakaniemi's area (near to the old Hakaniemi market hall). If you need more detailed informtion, please feel free to send me a message to rosanitida@hotmail.com (Suomeksikin saa kirjoittaa, vaikka laitoinkin kommentin englanniksi)

    Thank you for all the lovely comments and for reading my blog. <3 I'm so happy that I have made so many new friends.

    Many many hugs,