Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Dutch lolita meeting in Utrecht

Good morning, sunshines! (Sorry, I just wanted to say that, hehe)

This is my new haircut. What do you think? Sorry for the over lightness of the picture - the quality of it wasn't the best. Today, I will buy some hair dye and dye those roots as they keep bothering me so much although I have tried to save my hair all I possibly could (my real haircolour is very light ashy blonde)!
The long hair that I usually have is all extensions, if you were wondering.

Few weeks ago I was honoured to attend the annual Dutch lolita meeting and finally meet all the wonderful people that I had known before only online. I was extremely excited of the meeting, so didn't sleep at all the night before the actual day because of that, but I had so much fun even when I was tired. Thank you for the great company, everyone! I hope to see you some day soon again - like Summer Darkness on Sunday, for example. :)

During the meeting I didn't eat only cupcakes, cake, candy, pancakes, berries, bread, cookies etc., but I also tasted this most interesting traditional Dutch cake called "buttercake" which I heard is literally made from mainly butter and cake mix. It's like.. really interesting. I don't know how to describe the experience, but by saying "Yummy in a very weird way - in a way that will make my veins explode", haha (I have a very high cholesterole, so I need to be careful).
People had been baking and everyone looked wonderful - I had the most relaxing time. So, thank you! <3 *many hugs*
Here are few pics of the huge meeting:

My outfit was quite simple including a skirt, dress, blouse, bolero, bag and a coat from Moitie, umbrella from Metamorphose (the most lovely Leyla from Mfashion sold it to me, thank you for that!) Check out Mfashion's web page here:

Here are some pics taken together with people (I'm lolling at some of my facial expressions):

Me with Josine that is truly an amazing person with a big big heart. She is SUPER nice to everyone, so no wonder people like her so much. Thank you for being so nice to me always and spending time with me. <3 *hugs*

Me with a wonderful Dutch lolita whose nickname I have forgot, unfortunately. I remember her being super nice and sweet as well, though. Thank you for spending time with me too - you are such a nice person. *hugs* <3

(Me with Niesje7002 - I wonder where all these wonderful, kind and polite lolitas in Holland have come from.. There are so many! She is such a sweetheart as well. It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you so much for everything. <3)

(For tall people: You know the feeling when someone is wearing 20cm high heel boots and you don't suddenly feel so tall anymore? Velvet bat looked wonderful, didn't she? She is such a sweet person as well. Thank you for spending time with me. <3)

The group picture.

I couldn't find the rest of the pictures, but when I do, I will definately upload them on my blog as soon as possible. Plus, there will be a hair and make up tutorial for the hairdo and make up that I did for the meeting.
I have already uploaded it on Youtube, but it's still missing instructions and music from the background. It shouldn't take a too long time to fix those, though. I hope you like it! :)

I will also try my best to find time to write more about the DOs and DON'Ts in aristocratic fashion soon and answer all the rest of the comments that I received before (Thank you again for those). However, for now, I will head back to sewing and working with the papers. I'm having people coming for teeth whitening today as well.
I'm truly looking forward to Sunday and Summer Darkness - I'll take loads of pictures!
And also, I hope you are looking forward to the sales that I have online for the items that I'm making. I will announce about it first here on my blog and later on EGL comm sales if I'm not able to sell them all. :)

I hope you enjoyed the post. I will be doing some modifying for my blog later again as I'm still not satisfied with it. I try to make it easier for people to read and find different texts from different topics.
I hope that you also notice the Formspring (''Ask me anything'') gadget on the left side of the blog. So, if there's anything that you would like to ask me anonymously, feel free to send me an anonymous comment here on my blog or in Formspring. I'm more than happy to answer every appropriate question. :) There should be a link to my Youtube account and videos as well.

I'll write about the make up tutorial some point this week, so I hope you are looking orward to that and will give me loads of constructive critisism as well! :)
P.S. Thank you for answering the quiz on the right side of the blog. It's always very useful to know what people are looking forward to read about.

Many hugs,


  1. I am glad you enjoyed the meet-up and the buttercake! :D It was really nice to meet you and you are also a very friendly and beautiful person! I am really happy that I could meet you in real life that day. And hopefully I'll see you next Sunday at the Summer Darkness! ^_^

  2. your face looks so much more round with short hair, it's very cute on you.

    everyone looks lovely, i'm glad you had a good time. i think simple outfits look stunning on you, they let you be the main point of fashion instead of the clothes.

  3. Iira, short hair looks so lovely on you, you look so cute!^^

    And daaww, you make me blush so much!:3 I'm a big tomato right now! It was wonderful to meet you too, you are a very lovely and kind person yourself<3
    Thank you so much for spending time with me!:3

    And as a sidenote, I'm glad you enjoyed the buttercake, the taste is indeed typical hihi! Glad you found it yummy!^^

  4. I think the short hair looks amazing on you! I have been wanting to cut mine short too but I haven't because of lolita. I will so ask you for help on extensions then, it would possibly save my hair because it does need to be cut badly.

    Your outfit is amazing and so is that meta parasol. Go mfashion! <3

  5. lovelypictures! I have to say you look absolutely fantastic and OMG I want your hair! :D

  6. Toivoisin, että tekisit postauksen ompeluksistasi. Olisi mielenkiintoista nähdä tekeleitäsi,samoin tutoriaaleja (:

  7. I'm glad you came to the meetup. I feel honoured for meeting you. You looked lovely, and are one of the sweetest person I know. ♥

    And short hair looks lovely on you, very classy.
    Looking forward to you make-up tutorial. I always enjoy reading your blog, so interesting!

  8. I like your new haircut!

    I'm also glad you liked the meetup, it
    was so nice to meet you.
    I hope you like it a little bit here in Holland, it seems hard to me to start over
    in a 'new' country.

  9. VelvetBat:
    It was really nice to meet you as well! You are always so nice and kind to everyone. Thank you so much for that. <3 It was nice to see you at Summer Darkness and I hope to see you again. :)
    Thank you for commenting and have a wonderful day!
    Charlotte Charm:
    Thank you so much for your kindness once again. You are such a sweetheart. <3 I'm also so happy to hear that you like the new hairdo that I have. It's very short, but I'm getting used to it. :)
    Thank you for commenting and have a nice day!
    Thank you, sweetie! I'm so happy to hear that. :)
    You definately do deserve every word. You are a modest, beautiful and kind person and people like that are hard to find. You should be proud of yourself. <3
    Thank you for commenting! Have a beautiful day!
    Thank you very much! I'm delighted to hear that it looks okay atleast. :) I'm sure that shorrt hair would suit you wonderfully as well.

    Thank you for the compliments and comment!
    have a wonderful day!
    Churi Chan:
    Thank you very much for your lovely comment! <3 I'm glad you like the hair.
    Have a nice day!
    Hei ja kiitos kommentistasi! Laitan aivan varmasti jossain vaiheessa postautsa myos ompelutoistani kunhan vain kiireiltani kerkian. :) Kiitos ehdotuksesta!
    Oh, thank you so much for your lovely comment and compliments. You are such a sweet person and so polite and kind too. <3 You should be very proud of what you are. *hugs*

    Thank you! I'm so happy to hear that. Thank for commenting. I hope to see you soon again. :)

    Have a wonderful day,
    Thank you very much for your lovely comment and compliments! :)

    It was really nice to meet you too and I hope that we have the chance to meet soon again.
    So far I have loved it here in Holland and as I have got so many friends already, I feel like my life is quite secured and safe. I willa lways have people around me. I'm lucky, very lucky. <3

    Thank you for commenting and have a nice day!