Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Photos of Paris

Hello, hello!

As many of my friends might already know, I had a trip to Paris with my boyfriend two weeks ago. In addition of sight seeing we were honoured to enjoy the company of many wonderful and beautiful lolitas in France. First of all, I was given an opportunity to attend a lolita meeting, a lolita convention and later dine with these more than helpful people. We were even invited to one of these girl's house for a dinner and to spend some relaxing time with them. On our last day in Paris we had the chance to visit Disney Land accompanied by Melody and Tuonetar.

I hope that you girls know how much I appreciate everything that you did for me. *many tight hugs* I was literally in tears of all the beautiful things that you did for me. So, I would like to thank you all for your hospitality. I hope that I have made new friends and will see you some day again. I will be back in France, for sure. <3

Oh, and sorry for having the pictures in such a random order!

With the most kind Melody. Thank you for your hospitality! *hugs*

With Tuonetar who is such an amazin person. It was a pleasure to meet you! <3 *hugs*

Blogspot can ruin even good pictures. However, Virginie looks beautiful here, of course. <3 It was so nice to meet you at Melody's. *hugs* <3

At Disney Land. I have never, I mean NEVER, seen anything like this in my whole life. It was absolutely amazing!

Two beautiful girls that I had the honour to meet at Melody's place. Melody's home is such a dollhouse! <3

A famous shopping mall in Paris - it's so famous that I don't even remember its name. :3

My personal favourite: Notre Dame in Paris - very dramatic, isn't it?

Me looks very tiny next to this more or less huge building.

Crepes - oh the yummyness! Notice the "Bras"

I love you in many languages, even in Finnish: "Rakastan sinua."

A huge pile of pictures from the palace and garden of Versailles.

One of my favourites.

Eating dinner with my new friends. Tuonetar taking picture of me taking a picture. Heh.

Lolita convention at Paris 2011

I love these girls: Julie, Heylika and Naomi. It was a pleasure to meet you all and I hope to see you some day soon. *hugs*

Heading towards BABY, the Stars Shine Bright shop - next stop, Bastille

At the lolita meeting:

Dining at a Japanese restaurant. Picture taken and edited by Tounetar. Thank you!

(Picture taken and edited by Tuonetar. Thank you!)
These are the only pictures of me sleeveless that I have put online. I would do anything to gain some weight, seriously.
And for the people that might wonder: Yes, I'm tall and skinny and I have weird looks as I am Nordic and very light (pale skin, blond hair and white eyebrows), but I definately don't have Marfan's. My arms are shorter than most of my shorter friends' arms and my hands are smaller. Many of the people that know me personally can prove this - my bone structure is small and feminine. If there's something to ask, please feel free to express your thoughts as the form of a message. I'm always happy to answer to appropriate questions, but prefer to keep the most personal details as personal in the future as well. :) Just stop with the nonsense already.

My hairdo and make up before the trip to Versailles. My feet got burned in the sun which is quite weird because first of all, I don't usually get burned and secondly, "Why my feet only?".

The very much so photoshopped (colours) pic of me because the quality of the picture was so bad (I don't know why blogspot ruins my pictures - my face gets very weird shapes when the pics are resized by blogspot)

On the first day at Paris while discovering the coolness of the computer at the hotel - every hotel room at MAMA Shelter has iMac.

Infront of Notre Dame. Looking grumpy mainly because of the fact that I didn't have eyebrows and because it was amazingly bright that day. All in all the day was wonderful!

(This Moiti'e dress is actually supposed to be almost ankle length...)

(BABY.. *___*)

(My outfit on the first Day at Paris before changin my clothes into something a bit more comfortable - it was humid that day, but I really enjoyed the warm climate. Paris, what a lovely city)

All in all my trip to aAris was memorable and I can honestly say that it must have been so far the best trip I have ever had. Thank you, everyone, for making my trip such an amazing experience! *more hugs* The people were nice, kind and polite and I enjoyed the food and language. I even bumped into Karl Lagerfeld who seemed to like my red shirt a lot. Haha.

The only disappointment during my trip was the amount of dog poop and overall dirty image that Paris has. Paris is very far from clean (Helsinki and Amsterdam look both very polished compared to Paris)

Thank you for watching and reading! :)

I will write more soon, but for now: Good night!
I'm also planning to upload my make up tutorial soon, so hopefully you will be looking forward to it. Also, I hope to upload some pictures of my sewings soon as well and write more about the lolita meeting that we had here in Holland (Utrecht) fe wweeks ago alread - Oh my, I'm so slow! Sorry for being busy with all the book keeping, sewing and such. u___u

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Iira your life seems so fun. i haven't been to Paris since i was... 2 years old.

    you're truly beautiful, in ever way. and i think your long slender features add to it. i know you are self conscious about it, but i do hope you see how amazingly beautiful you are, as well.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip! Yes, Paris is a dirty city sadly :( and there are a lot of rude people, too. I hope you didn't get too many stares and mean comments. I used to like Paris, but going out is too much of a hassle for me now with all this... I'm too sensitive, perhaps. I guess I'll end up leaving for another country, which is sad because I think France is a beautiful country, but too much negativity for me to deal with.

    I would have liked to meet you but was a bit busy at the time, and also don't wear Lolita anymore. I wanted to go to the convention but ended up being busy with work. I admit I'm a bit shy too. Oh well, maybe if you come back.

    Anyway, I still enjoy reading your blog.

    I love your blog and your outfits are so perfect!
    The pictures of France are so beautiful, thanks for sharing
    Regards from Mexico

  4. LOVELY post! so funny to see all those photos :D and don't think your ar looking wired, I'm Norwegian and nearly more pink than pale, but your pale skin is so beautiful :O I also love your height and skinniness, it makes aristocrat even more elegant :D Thanks for giving allot of inspiration :D

  5. ...Gosh, you seem to have an interesting life...Always going places and doing things...

    VERY nice pictures!

  6. I was very happy to meet you at the lolita convention ^^ I hope that I will see you again one day and spend a little more time ^^

  7. Versailles looks beautiful!
    I hope I will be able to visit that place someday..
    As for Disney, did you had a lovely time there? I'm goign in October with some lolita's ^^
    And wow, you always looks so beautifull and elegant ♥ I envy your beauty and grace. The lolita convention looked like alot of fun! It's always nice to meet new lolita's ^^

  8. As always you look amazing in every picture! Really looks like a nice trip you had. And yes the Notre Dame is sooo beautiful! <3
    I wish I had seen Versailles as well, but when I visit Paris I was very young and didn't know any better ;D
    Did you buy anything in the Btssb shop?

  9. Heippa!
    Oli kiva lukea matkastasi :) Lähetin siitä nimittäin joskus sinulle kyselyä facebookissa, miten se meni, mutta et sitten oletettavasti ollut saanut viestiä tai et vain kerennyt vastaamaan.
    Tosi kivoja kuvia ja paljon olet nähnyt. Ette ilmeisesti käyneet Eiffelissä lainkaan? Jos ei ole korkeanpaikan kammoinen (en tiedä kirjoitetaanko se yhteen vai erikseen xD) niin siellä kannattaa joskus käydä.
    Mutta Babyn liike, aaa *haluaa* Tosiaan, ostitko sieltä mitään?
    Niin ja tuo suosittu kauppakeskus taitaa olla Lafayette.
    Mutta nyt taitaa olla jo sellainen metriviesti, että taidan lopettaa :')
    ~ Anni

  10. Oot aika lailla kaikissa kuvissa tosi masentuneen näkönen :(, enemmän hymyä peliin! Ei voinut olla niin epämiellyttävää olla kuvissa, eihän? ;D

  11. Näytät mahtavalta taas kuten yleensäkin, ja näyttää kovasti siltä että Pariisissa oli hauskaa! Mistä noita asujen yhdistelytaitoja saa ostaa, onko ne pakko opiskella jos ei jaksa? :D? Kaikki muutkin ovat muuten tosi hyvännäköisiä ja Versailles on oikeasti jos ei maailman hienoin paikka niin hyvin lähellä sitä ainakin...

  12. I cannot describe how happy these photos make me!!You've visited one of the most amazing, in my opinion, places on Earth! <3 Paris is such a wonderful city! I'd love to go there some day! And what's even better than that, you got to meet all the awesome Lolitas there! <3 <3 <3 They look oh so cute!! *0*

    Your outfits are, as usual, inspiring and super gorgeous, just like yourself! :3

    The pictures of Versailles are breathtaking and the one of you standing in front of Notre Dame is just perfect!! :3

    I hope you are doing great, sweetie! I miss you so! <3

  13. You look really beautiful! I love all your outfits you've posted here! ^__^

  14. Charlotte Charm:
    Thank you for your comment, Charlotte. You are always so sweet and seem like a very nice person. I hope to be able to take a commission for you some day. *hugs* <3

    Yes, at the moment I enjoy my life although I'm very busy and work/study 7 days a week. :) However, I consider myself lucky because many of the people can't find a place to work in because of the state of the economy.

    Thank you for your encouragement! I hope you know how much I appreciate your kindness and sweet words. <3

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment. :) I really enjoyed my trip to Paris and although the city wasn't the cleanest, all the people I met during my trip made up for it. I met with many WONDERFUL people. There truly are no words to describe how happy I am because of that - I saw everything pink because of that. <3 It would have been wonderful to meet you as well.
    Actually, I received only nice comments from people - I was even invited to some jewellery designers party and exhibition because "I would look amazing when wearing her jewellery." Also, little children loved to touch my hair and people kept saying that I look like a doll, so I couldn't be more flattered. *__* Even Karl LAgerfeld liked my clothing, so.. what can I say? Well, maybe I should say that, no worries, I will keep the ice in my hat (if you can say like that in English, haha). All in all, it was funny.

    If you consider moving abroad, I can always say that I really enjoy living in Holland. I have heard that some people in Paris can be very nasty - wonder where that comes from. But, don't worry, if you ever feel down because of the people there, just drop me a message and I try my best to make you smile. :)

    Thank you for reading my blog and for your lovely words once again. You seem like such a sweet person.

    Hello and thank you for reading my blog. I'm happy to hear that you liked my outfits and the pictures in general. Thank you for commenting! <3
    Churi Chan:
    Oh, how nice of you! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I'm so happy to hear that you like my style and outfits. :)
    Ah, fellow Nordic person! Then you maybe know how Nordic people look like - now when I have been travelling a lot, I have realized how different we really look like. It's quite inspiring. Maybe I'll write about the subject later. :)
    Thank you for reading my blog!
    Oh, that's such a sweet thing to be said. Thank you so much! <3 My life is very busy indeed, and I travel a lot for work and for fun too. There're so many things to discover in this world. :) We are going to Drop Dead in Berlin in Autumn, I'm going back to Finland on Christmas and to London on January. MAybe after that I will be going to Paris again. :) However, I'm very busy with work as well and I work/study 7 days a week. Yes, I'm more or less busy.

    Thank you for your lovely comment!
    It was really nice to meet you too in person at the convention. You seem like a very nice person and I would love to meet you again some day. I will be back to Paris, for sure. <3

    Thank you for your comment!
    To be continued...

  15. Oih, ihanan näköinen olet ♥ ^.^
    Vitsit olen myös halunnut käydä Pariisissa jo pidemmän aikaa ja tietty täytyy nähdä Versailles ja Notre Dame! Ja kenties myös vierailla Disney Landissä, olen edelleen niin in love Disneyn leffoihin vaikka olenkin aikuinen, haha :D

    Myös Babyn liikkeenkin voisin katsastaa, jahka pääsen Pariisissa käymään joskus kun on hieman enemmän rahaa että voisi tehdä sinne pienen visiitin~ ^^

    Kuvailitte siis ulkosalla, ainakin noista ulkokuvista päätellen, jossain puutarhassa tai vastaanlaisissa maisemissa jossa on paljon kasvillisuutta? ^^ Näköjään Ranskassa kasvaa bambua, noista ulkokuvista vaan bongasin :DD

  16. Liikaa kauneutta yhdessä postauksessa! Voi kun Suomeenkin olisi mahdollisuus järjestää lolitacon.

  17. All pictures are amazing, but,I really like Notre Dame pics over all ^_-

  18. Hey Iira, I am really happy we met in Paris. Both of you were really down to earth and it was hilarious that we managed to bump into each other like that on the last day.
    Looking at pictures of Versailles obviously gives me the chills, i'm still so mad about the whole thing.
    You always look really well put together and i really love that.
    I'm thrilled to hear your trip went smoothly and you had a blast and i hope our paths can cross again. I'd really like that.
    Love from Portugal,

  19. Hello Iira,
    Thank you very much for this article on Paris, and also for your kind words, really...

    If one day, you are coming again in Paris, maybe you can eventually stay at my home, ( It could be easier for you, - I will be very glad to help you -).

    In every case, I will be very happy to see you again !


  20. Oh I didn't see your report earlier, I'm so so late at everything, sorry! So it seems you were in very good hands later on, so very devoted to you! You really had a lolita journey in the end! Well maybe that's more interesting than pure touristic visiting. You wanted to mingle with french and you were invited by french, even I hadn't seen it coming!

    Since I was asked not to post all of my pictures on flickr as I'm used to do I just gave them to my friends hoping they would upload them on facebook but truely I have no idea of what happened to them afterwards. But then again this would be a bit like repeating the one your boyfriend took and that I can see there.

    I hope dutch was just as good! And that you recovered from the terrible heat.

  21. Hyvää iltaa Lira,
    Mitä kuuluu?

    I didn't you had a blospot too until I fell by chance on it on Facebook!
    I hope you enjoyed your trip to Paris, you've seen how incredible are some places and monuments with their pretty architecture <3 and Versailles!
    I terribly wish I could have been there for Lolita conventions...etc then I would have been able to meet you...
    Maybe we'll manage to meet each other next time you come in France or next time I go to Helsinki, and you know I hope it will be soon!

    Have a nice Sunday pretty Lira.


  22. It was so nice for us to meet you, too ! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip, and thank you but you're the amazing one here, I swear !
    I hope you'll come back some day. And yes, you definitely made new friends and I'm happy about it, and I think I can say in the name of all the girls you met that we had a great time together :)
    *Many hugs* ♥

  23. Niesje:
    Thank you o much again for you lovely comment!
    Veraille wa uch an amazing place and so was Diney Land too! I can really recommand those two places if you are planning a trip to France. There's a lot to see in Disney Land. <3
    Thank you for commenting!
    Thank you for your comment again!
    Paris was an amazing experience, I got to say. I loved the trip and hope to have another visit soon again. <3
    Yes, actually, I bough something! At first I didn't think that I would like anything at the store, but as I wa in a need of a white umbrella, I bought one and I got a white fall/winter coat as a present from my boyfriend. That was super sweet of him. <3
    Thank you, again, and have a wonderful day!
    Heips, ja ihana kuulla sinusta taas. Mietinkin tuossa aikaisemmin, etta mita sinulle kuuluu. :) Ja tosiaan, olen pahoillani etten ole ehtinyt vataamaan vietiisi - olen ollut aivan jarkyttavan kiireinen taas vaihteeksi.
    Pariisin reissu sujui oikein mukavasti ja paljon tuli nahtya, vaikka emme ehtineetkaan Eiffeliin taikka Louvreen. Mutta, ehka ensi kerralla. :) Sain uusia ystavia ja vietin laatuaikaa paikallisten lolitojen kanssa, joten en voisi olla onnellisempi matkasta.
    BABYn liike oli pieni, mutta kaymisen arvoinen ja matkalta tarttui mukaan valkoinen syystakki seka valkoinen paivanvarjo.
    Ollaan enemman yhteyksissa! Pahoittelen, etten ehdi kirjoittamaan pidempaa vietia silla, kuten nakyy, vastailen aika moniin kommentteihin nykyaan.
    Paljon haleja ja jaksamista! <3
    Hei, ja kiitos kommentistasi!
    En tosiaan hymyile paljoa kuvissani lahinna siita syysta, etta se kuuluu tyyliini. Tosielamssa olen yhta hymya, mutta kun puhutaan kuvista ja kuvauksista niin pokerinaama kylla pitaa (yleensa), haha. :)
    Kiitos kuitenkin ehdotuksesta! Ehka tulevaiuudesa otan enemman hymykuviakin.
    Paljon kiitoksia kommentistasi!
    Pariisi ja Verailles olivat tosiaan aivan mielettoman upeita paikkoja noin yleisesti, erityisesti illalla kun kaikki valot sytytettiin.
    Ja tosiaan, kiitos kehuista. Olen miettinyt samaa kun omat aujenyhditelytaitoni ovat hukassa noin yleisesti ottaen aina. Hehe.
    Hauskaa kesaa ja paljon haleja,
    To be continued...

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