Saturday, July 9, 2011

Aristocratic/EGA fashion: DOs and DON'Ts

Hello, everyone and sorry for the late update.

(My lolita meeting and convention outfit in Paris - standing infront of BABY, the Stars Shine Bright's store. The lovely boyfriend of mine bought me a beautiful coat for fall and winter. Thank you sweetheart. <3 I will upload more pictures of what I bought later when I have the chance to write about the trip to Paris.)

(This was my hairdo and make up when we left to France I will upload a make up tutorial about it soon as well.)

I was so busy again with all the travelling and such that I didn't find any time to write about the subject that I mentioned about in my last text. However, now, as I have reserved this day for my school projects and other things that require a lot of time infront of computer, I will squeeze the time out of nowhere and write about something useful for change. :')

I would also love to write something about my trip to Paris where I attended a lolita meeting and a lolita convention where I met so many wonderful people first time in real life. I made new friends that are all wonderful personalities, kind and extremely polite people. I couldn't be happier that I could have met so amazing people. They truly touched my heart. That's why I was also looking forward to the big lolita meeting that was be held last Sunday in Holland. Every single one of the people that I met at the meeting seem so nice and kind that I truly hope that I could make new friends here in Holland, as I don't have many friends of my own here yet. So, for all the beautiful Dutch lolitas: "See you again!" <3

Then, finally to the main-subject which is
DOs and DON'Ts in Aristocratic/EGA fashion.

Here are the topics that I could come up with for now (if there is a topic that you would like me to add to my text, let me know and I will write it here as soon as possible!):
-make up
-corsets and other clothes

Make up:
DO porcelain skin with very pale beige (it's a safer option than white - especially if you aren't sure about your make up skills)

DO not do it with completely white (Okay, Mana looks great in this picture (notice the amount of photoshop as well), but remember that most likely you aren't Mana and most likely you aren't posing for camera 24/7 while wearing aristocrat/lolita.. Think about how you would look like when the make up starts to melt during summer and how you end up looking.. Trust me, I speak out of experience. Haha.):

DO red/pale pink/nude lips/greyish and DON'T paint them black (black lisptick is always a very risky option because a.) most of the people don't have suitable facial features for that, b.) usually people don't know how black lipstick and lips are painted - it's more complicated than you would believe at first and c.) it's usually a mistake that the beginners do (the same
with blue lipstick) when they don't yet know much about their
own personal style).

DO an eye make up that suits Western features if you have Caucasian features yourself (leave the inner part of the eye non drawn - Hizaki is a good example of this although he is Asian himself. Caucasian eyes are usually slightly closer to each other due to the shape of the eyelid, so black eyeliner at the inner part of the eyelid looks weird in most cases).
DON'T do as mana does it unless your eyes are far from each other:

DO dramatic/romantic and be creative (long curly hair, fringe, flowers, hats etc... In many cases it's good to look at what kind of hair gyarus have because most of the idolized goths/lolitas/aristocrats in Japan copy their hairdos from gyaru magazines - a good quality wig is a good option as well, but make sure that it doesn't look
too plastic!) In the picture you can see a Japanese gyaru model Rina Sakurina whose hairdo I will some beautiful day execute myself, definately:
DON'T do or avoid too simple hairdos and in many cases shock colour hairdyes - straight long/short hair (especially without fringe) tends to be very boring and in most cases more gothic than aristocratic. In most cases aristocrat is all about the hairdo and make up that make the style aristocrat, not only gothic.

Prefer good quality, well draping materials. Thick polyester (nowadays most of the dresses from Moitie are polyester) and chiffong are two very good examples of elegant, beautifully draping materials. In many cases wool and raw silk work very well too.

Avoid materials such as cotton (except for shirts), satin(! and everything SHINY in general) and for bigger items like skirts: velvet (velvet can be used for accessories and smaller parts of the outfit). The more matt fabrics you can use for your outfit, the better and by adding few shiny details such as jewellery, metallic chains and buttons you will most likely make the outfit look more complete and interesting.

I'm going to continue the text a bit later, but for now, here you go! :)
Next subjects are going to be about accessories, poses etc.

Thank you for reading again and I hope you enjoyed. Concrit is always highly appreciated. :)

P.S. I'm now starting with sewing again and I'm currently working with MANY commissions. However, I'm making many hats, headdresses etc. for general sale as well so if there is anything particular that you would like to suggest, please let me know! I will announce in my blog and Facebook when I have made enough items to sell the on EGL comm sales. :) I will start with sewing accessory (big hats, smaller hats, headdresses, jabots, wristcuffs, "fake socks" etc.) and later sew the dresses and skirts.

I hope that you are looking forward to see the outcomes!

Thank you for all the comments last time and the interest towards my works. I have received more commissions that I can possibly take, so thank you for that. I'm trying to find a way to make many enough items as soon as possible. :)

Many hugs,


  1. I really love the way you did your hair on the second photo, so beautifull ♥

    Very interesting to read! It's always good to know some Do's and Don'ts ^^

    Good luck with all those commissions, you are getting really busy now, but it's understandable since you make such lovely things ♥
    I'm curious about the dresses you would sew later on ^^

  2. It's so nice of your boyfriend that he bought a coat for you!
    I'm glad to hear you liked the lolita meetings here in Holland. ^^
    Did someone already give you photo's from the meetings? There are a few with you on it. ^^
    If you don't have them, I can send them to you ^_~

    Maybe you can join the dutch lolita forum, you can meet other nice lolita girls there!

    Thank you for the do's and don'ts it's very useful. :D

  3. Niesje:
    Thank you! I'm happy to hear that you like it although the quality of the photo isn't that good. :) My web camera takes over lighted pictures sometimes.

    I'm glad to hear that! Thank you very much.

    Thank you again, you are so sweet, always. <3 I'm all blushing here. I hope that you will like the headdress that I'm making for you. I personally fell love with it myself, haha.

    Thank you for all the support and commenting,
    He is always so thoughtful, I feel so lucky to have him in my life. <3
    The lolita meetings have been more than fun and exciting so far. The Dutch lolitas are all so nice, helpful and fun to be around with. I'm quite shy myself, so it was nice to notice how well people understood it. I'm looking forward to meet everyone soon again. <3

    I got some pictures from the meetings (excet the vintage shopping meeting last time), but if there are some pics that you could send me, I would appreciate that a lot! Thank you very much for the offer. My e-mail is

    I'm planning to join the dutch lolita forum as soon as possible. It will be fun.

    I'm glad to hear that. Thank you!
    And also, thank you for commenting!

  4. this post is really interesting to read! And I would love to have long beautiful hair like those gyaru girl have but to bad my hair is way to short for that! I also love your hair in those photo's!

    Really sweet of your boyfriend to buy you a coat. At the meeting Friday he was very kind too. You two look very cute together.

    It was really nice to meet you last Friday and I'm glad to hear you like the dutch lolita's.

    Good luck with all the commissions. I will commission something soon when I saved up some more money. I can't wait to see all the beautiful pieces you made.

  5. I hope my boyfriend buys something for me when I visit BTSSB:P

    Thanks for a lovely EGA guide :D

  6. I´m glad you enjoyed trip to Paris ^^ I would like to visit Paris in autumn, it´s really wonderful place.

    And I´m glad that you share your skills, experiences and give some advices how to do good aristocrat outfit. It´s really helpful!

    That´s really good news you are starting with sewing! One day I would like to have an amazing big hat which you made and also a jabot! I really love your work.

  7. Aahw, thank you so much for your kind words!^^ It was really lovely to meet you as well, and I truly hope we see each other soon again (Summer Darkness, yay!)

    And so sweet that your boyfriend bought a coat for you, so thoughtful :3

    Good luck with all your commissions, but I'm sure you will manage it!:D

  8. Hello Iira,
    I'm truly happy because I met you at Paris.
    If I'm telling you that it's because I wasn't at the party of Melody !( As you know, I was on the trip for Austria, so I really couldn't come).

    Good luck for your commissions ! :3

  9. Very interesting post ! It,s great to learn tips from someone who really rock this style. I've been reading your blogs and saw some of you videos lately and i just wanted to tell how inspirating you are !

    thanks for sharing !

  10. Täältä pamahti "Top 10 award" haaste sinulle! :)