Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A quick update again

Hello, everyone!

"Life is there where the heart lays."

My today's casual outfit (slightly gyaru'ish maybe?).
The view behind me is so beautiful.. Amsterdam is a gorgeous city in so many ways which is one of the reasons why I'm happy and excited to live here with someone that I love. I couldn't be any happier. :) Even the weather has been so nice lately and Dutch people are all so sweet and helpful - it's thundering now, which is even better because I personally find thunder very romantic. The colours of the sky are always incredibly beautiful during thunder.
(I'm only 198cm with these shoes on - haha, try to beat that. :3)
About the outfit:
Accessories: ALchemy Gothic, gifts from my boyfriend, vintage, Gina Tricot
Shoes: Bought from Spirit Store a while ago
Socks, skirt, belt, jacket: random stores
blouse, hand bag: Moi-même-Moitié
hat: bodyline

For now on I would love to set a goal to be able to post atleast once a week (useful or not) to keep myself motivated to write more often. I just tend to be so busy all the time, especially with all the work, studies, moving and other time consuming things. However, let's hope that I could find the time to write more often because (as this is mainly a lolita/aristocrat blog) for me lolita and aristocrat are both very important parts in my life. These styles aren't only about clothes, but the most importantly they are about friendship, support and arts. I love creating things, so maybe that's why I have found my passion from sewing lolita and aristocrat related accessories and clothes. All thanks to the most wonderful and supportive friends. :)

I'm also looking forward to meet with all the wonderful Dutch lolitas that I have been able to chat with online for now. It would be incredibly nice to make new friends here in Holland too, so I will be keeping my fingers crossed so that I could attend the big lolita meeting in Utrecht 10.7. :)
*goes all excited*

This is a part of my boyfriend's birhday present (a self-knitted gothic bunny for my snuggle bunny :'3) - I really hope that this isn't too lame. Afterall, I still feel so bad because I didn't come up with anything fun to do on his birthday as we were both workin almost 12h that day. I do book keeping, work as an assistant in surgeries (my first time assisting in a sinus lift was exciting!) and do the teeth whitenings.
Next spring I will be on a course in London to be able to fix braces for people's teeth. If you need to have your teeth whitened in Amsterdam or somewhere else in Holland, feel free to contact me. We also send whitening products (home whitenings) from here around the world. And if you pay my plane or train tickets, I would be more than happy to do the whitenings personally abroad too, haha. Like that would happen..
Sorry for my bad sence of humor that not so many of the people seem to understand sometimes, as so many misunderstandings have occurred lately. What can I say? Maybe I just say that "haters gonna hate and are very welcome". :) I wonder what some people are doing when they read my Facebook, if they don't even like me. Get a life, please.

Anyways (I always seem to get carried away and babble nonesence), here's a pic of the gift:

I try to find time to write about the DOs and DON'Ts in aristocrat tomorrow evening although I had planned it for this evening. I'm sorry for that. Hopefully you liked the silly pictures that I just posted on this post. Let's say that this is a small update once again. :''3
However, here is a list of some of the things that I would write about:
-make up
-corsets and other clothes

If you have any quick ideas, let me know! I would appreciate that tremendously. :)

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this amazing new song from Chthonic called Takao (How often do we hear death metal played with traditional Chinese instruments and sang in Mandarin Chinese?) - me says INCREDIBLE \, ,/:

I hope everyone spends a wonderful week! Concrit will be highly appreciated, just as always.
Thank you for reading and I hope that you will be looking forward to the post made, hopefully, tomorrow. :)

*jumps to plan next weeks trip to Paris*



  1. I love your outfit! And I wish I had those legs <3.

    To bad I'm on vacation so I won't meet you at the big lolita meeting.
    At the end of July there will be a big gothic event called Summer Darkness. Leyla will also have a gothic lolita fashion show there. I hope to see you then!

  2. I really hope you will be able to attend the big lolita meet-up, it would be nice to see you, and for you to meet alot of new girls ^^
    And just like Miradell said, at the end of July there will be a event with a lolita fashion show. I hope you can be there as well, it would be alot of fun!
    The gift from your boyfriend is so cute!
    And you truly look amazing in these pictures, no matter what, you always manage to look beautiful♥
    I hope you will like your stay in Amsterdam ^^

  3. pe you can attent the meet-up! I would love to meet you in real. I have been following your blog for a while and you are really an inspiration. You always look so beautiful! <3 :D

    And the gift looks really cute too. ^^

  4. Hi Iira,

    I really do hope you attend the big lolita meet-up, there will be a lot of Dutch loli's and it would be so lovely to meet^^

    And the gift for your boyfriend is so cute!

    And have a lovely stay in Paris, the city is wonderful, so I'm sure you are going to enjoy it!^^

  5. Yesterday my bf told me he wanted to move to holland in two years O_O I couldn't help thinking of you then ^^

  6. Omg! How tall are you without those shoes anyways? :D

  7. You look so beautiful! I love your outfits, you always look amazing!

    I hope you can attend the big lolita meet-up, It would be nice to meet you. ^^
    I'm pretty sure you can meet nice lolita's there!

  8. and btw how do you stay so skinny? *-*
    share with us your secret ;D

  9. Miradell:
    Thank you! I'm happy to hear that. <3 My stick legs? You must be kidding. Haha, I have always wanted a bit more feminine body. I have a body structure of a 13-year old - I'm very tiny, but tall. Even my hands and wrists are almost child's size... It's too weird, haha.

    Oh, too bad that you can't make it there. I will be at Summer Darkness, though. And maybe, I say maybe, I will be even participating the show if I find enough courage to be on stage again. Would be fun I guess. :)
    I'm looking forward to meet with you!

    Thank you for commenting!

    I think that it would be more than fun to meet with you, and all of you in general. I can't wait to make new friends with you all. <3
    I will be at the Summer Darkness, for sure (we might book a hotel for that). I might even find my way on the stage if I find the courage for that again.

    I hope that he liked the thing that I made for him although I tried to come up with something more fun..
    Thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear that. :) I felt slightly uncomfortable because of the length of the skirt (I don't get it how some girls can wear such short skirt without feeling too uncomfortable, haha.)

    I'm now legally registered in Amsterdam and so far I have enjoyed my stay here a lot. I love the people here, and the fresh berries and good coffee. <3

    Thank you for commenting!
    Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm flattered by those. *hug* I'm now 98% sure that I can attend the meet-up. I'm sure that it would be so much fun! Can't wait to meet all the sweet Dutch lolitas in real too. :)

    I'm happy to hear that! Thank you! I hope he thinks the same way. :)

    Thank you for commenting!
    Hello, Josine!

    I truly hope that I could be there to meet with all of you. It would be so exciting and fun too. Actually, I'm already planning what to bring there for people to eat.. Hmm..

    Thank you! I'm happy to hear that. I hope he thinks the same way. :)

    Thank you! I'm sure that we will spend a wonderful time there. Atleast we have many plans already. For example, on Monday we are attending a lolita meeting and a lolita convention and on Tuesday it's all about Versailles. :)

    Thank you for commenting!
    To be continued...

  10. Zeruda:
    Hello, Zeruda!
    Oh my! Well, if you ever plan to move here, just let me know! I might want to invite you for a cup of tea or coffee some day. :)
    Thank you for commenting again!
    Hello Amy, and thank you for your comment! :)
    I'm 185cm without heels - not so short, indeed. We have many tall people in Nordic countries and I'm not even the tallest of my female friends. Dutch women however, are even taller. :)

    To stay skinny? Well, first of all, I have a very small bone structure compared to my height (look at my hips in the picture for example) and second.. I have never done anything to look like this. I have always been skinny, but nowadays even skinnier after having hard times with my health (I had very strong medication etc.) IT's in the genes, I guess, and in the fact that I eat very healthily. However, I haven't been doing exercise since.. many years ago. Haha, I know it's a problem. Maybe bow when I'm finally getting better, I could start with swimming again (I used to compete in swimming when I was younger). Swimming is sucha good for of exercise. :)
    So, no secrets. It's mostly a generic thing, I guess.
    Hello, NyappyAnne! Thank you for your comment!
    I would love to meet you tomorrow and most likely (I'm 99,999999% sure) we will, so don't hesitate to come to me and say hello. I love making new friends. :)
    And thank you for your kind words again.
    See you soon!

  11. Hi, wow 185 cm is tall! I thought I was tall, I'm 177 cm. (it can really be a pain sometimes to find clothes which fits in length >.<)
    But I guess just like you said with you being thin, it's in the genes for us nordic people to sligtly taller then others. Can be very annoying when you have a fetish for sky high hells ;D
    I can just envy your genes to keep you thin xD
    and so beautiful *Q*

    Hope you're enjoying Amsterdam! ^-^

  12. I heard you will be at the meeting this friday. Is that correct? Because I will be there too, so I still have a change to meet you!

    And I hoop you get enough courage to be on stage, I did participate last year, it was so much fun! At first I also was really nervous but finely on stage I wasn't nervous any more. But this year I will be there to watch all those beautiful girl and make some nice photos of them.