Monday, May 30, 2011

Commissions and a big lolita meeting in Finland, Helsinki 28.5.2011

(Amsterdam <3 I just love this city so much.)

(Yes, I know, my cellphone is very gothic... I got a new cellphone as a gift from my boyfriend after he got so tired of my old phone not working. I usually buy new phones only if my old ones are completely broken, but this one was such a nice surprise. Thank you, honey. <3)

Hello again, everyone!

This time my post will be very short and not so full of useful information that I would like, but I hope that you will enjoy it anyway. :)

A piece of philosophy by Iira:
"We play the hands of cards life gives us. And the worst hands can make us the best players."

First of all, I would like to thank you all for following my blog, commenting and all the useful information and concrit that I have received from people. As I say quite often nowadays, I highly appreaciate all of those gestures. All I hope is that people would find something useful from my blog.

Then, I would like to mention about my future commissions:
Due to the fact that I'm so busy constantly, I won't be taking many commissions in the future. Instead I will be arranging my life so that I can sew many things at once and sell those ready products on EGL comm sales later on. So, if you have any suggestions of what i should be sewing, please let me know!
I will be sewing few dresses (the ones that people have liked a lot), MANY hats (both big and small ones), headdresses, wristcuffs, jewellery, jabots (like the bow shaped one on one of my blackxwhite coords), skirts, fake socks (see the pic), blouses and everything imaginable. :) Everything mainly black or white. Some very quick scetches here:

A big lolita meeting in Finland, Helsinki, 28.5.2011

I arranged a huge (45 lolitas, kodonas and aristocrats all in all) lolita meeting here in Finland last Saturday. Thank you so much for all participants and especially everyone helping me out with the arrangements. The meeting was a success and I hope that everyone enjoyed their time at the meeting.
I had a reservation for 50 people at a café in Helsinki (johto Cafe on the fifth floor of Kamppi) and from the cafe we walked to Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden (Helsinki University's Garden) where we spent few hours taking pictures etc. Luckily the weather was beautiful that day. I will write more about the meeting on EGL community, so I hope that you will be looking forward to that. I don't want to give you too much spoiler. ;) What I can say is that there will be pics and videos coming.

Here are some of the pics of my own outfit:

And here are my earlier outfits (pics and videos) that I would like to share with you:

Casual outfits:

(I was in the middle of packing my things because I'm moving abroad, so my room was a total mess. Sorry for the background.)

There was quite a lot of discussion of the video that I made of my outfit to my friends funeral. I know that some people got quite upset about it and I hope that after I explained the purpose of the video, everyone would understand it better. It really almost crushed my heart that people had misunderstood me once again although my purpose was to give this video as a last gift to my friend that always encouraged me to smile more and post my pics to Daily Lolita and youtube. Somehow I'm hoping that my friend would see the video and notice that I listened her carefully last time we met... I would do anything to see her smile again. So, the video is for her and it's enough that I know myself that the vdieo would have made my friend happy. Next time I will be more careful and explain myself a bit better. Thank you for those people that shared their honest opinions directly to me in a very polite manner. I appreciate your words and concrit very much.

I hope that you liked my post today and will spend a wonderful rest of the day! :)
Concrit will be appreciated, just as always.

Many hugs,


  1. Your sketches look amazing. I really like the first dress,along with the blouse ♥

    A meet-up with 45 lolita's are alot!It's good everything went well then. And you looked amazing~

  2. Tuo miittiasu on tosi hieno, kuin myös kampaus. Jos joskus ehdit (ymmärrän hyvin jos et) olisi mukava lukea enemmän kampauksista ja niiden tekemisestä. Nim. Peukalo keskellä kämmentä mitä tulee hiusten laittamiseen.

  3. Wow, I just love your sketches! I'm definetely interested in the black gothic lolita dress and the blouse with those poofy sleeves!<3 Absolute perfection. I just don't understand the "fake socks", could you explain that? I feel so silly haha.

    And your meet-up outfit looks amazing, did you make that hat yourself?^^

  4. I really adore the high waist cage skirt, i may want one depending on price. ^_^;
    I like all your outfits but the one that made me go "woah" this time is the daily coordinate, last on the left. You look like a fashion model. Love it.

    I won't comment on what's not worth commenting. Ignore it, use it as fuel to move on and achieve more.


  5. You are so breathtakingly beautiful. I love that first casual outfit-- even in simpler clothes you are so stunning! <3

    I'm so sorry about your friend. Don't let the nasty comments get to you. I read and understood why you chose to do that video, and I honestly think your friend would have appreciated it, even if the horrible anons on the internet don't. Keep strong and stay smiling :D

  6. Oih, miittiasusi näyttää todella ihanalta ^^ Minä kyllä ymmärsin videosi tarkoituksen, koska luin tekstin siitä miten teit sen ystävällesi tarkoituksella ja musta se oli todella kultainen ele ja olen varma että ystäväsi olisi todella iloinen videosta jonka hänelle teit :)

  7. Definitely some beautiful designs. Too bad i probably not fit what you make but will have to tell my friends.

  8. Asusi Terriblen miitistä on aivan ihana! Olisin niin kovin mielelläni halunnut olla mukana, mutta minkäs teet kun olen edelleen Englannin metsiä käyskentelemässä Suomen katujen sijaan.
    Mutta todella, ihana asu! Pidän erityisesti hatusta ja siitä, miten olet laittanut hiuksesi! Aivan upeat ja todella persoonallisen näköiset ja silinteri on myös erittäin ihastuttava keksintö! Ja olet niin kauniin hoikka, että... tuo vyö korostaa kauniisti asuasi ja hoikkuuttasi!
    Osaat kyllä todella pukeutua hirmuisen kauniisti.

    Ja odotan innolla näkeväni töitäsi myynnissä EGLn puolella sitten. Ainakin yksi erittäin potentiaalinen ostaja täällä päivää, mikäli vain rahatilanteeni sallii.

    Kaikkea hyvää ja aurinkoista kesänalkua,

  9. †Niesje7002†: Thank you so much! Those are very quick sketches, so I think I need to draw new ones some other day when have more time for that. I'm glad you like them, though. :)

    Yes, 45 (I just counted the peole in the picture and there were 44 people all in all) is a lot, but everything went so well! I was so happy about that and truly hope that everyone had fun at the meeting. <3

    Thank you for commenting!
    Mistress Mystral: Kiitos paljon! Tosi kiva kuulla, etta pidat asustani - mina ihan punastelen taalla.
    Laitoin juuri uutta blogimerkintaa hius ja meikkitutoriaaleista, joten jos pystyt ehdottamaan jotain hiuksiin ja meikkiin liittyvaa niin kirjoita minulle ihmeessa aiheesta. Arvostaisin sita suuresti. :)

    Kiitos kommentistasi!
    Josine: Oh, thank you so very much! I'm so happy to hear that you like of what I have done. I'm going all tomato once again. *blush* I hope that I'm able to sell some of those items soon that I can hear what people think of those.
    Fake socks? Wall, I didn't come up with any other name for them. They are basically elastic bands with some beautiful lace that you can place either over your knee or under your knee and which has two stripes of velvet or satin that you can tie around your legs. The socks are fake because they don't have the sock part at all! You can add these fake socks to some other sock and combine them in many other ways. They are very useful. You can also wear them without any socks. :) I will also add some crosses, buttons, chains and other things to them when I'm going to sew the "fake socks".

    Oh, thank you so much! I'm happy to hear that you like it. The hat is actually very rare Moitie item that I bought almost a year ago. :)

    Thank you for commenting!
    redtonic: Thank you so much for the interest towards my work! The prices are always negotiable, so no worries. I will make three cage skirts from which one will be a gift to a friend of mine, so if you're interested of buying one of them, I can send you a message when they are done before selling those online. :)

    Thank you for your compliments. I really appreciate every word given. Oh, and that picture, haha. Well, I was having a bad hair day, so I wore a scarf around my head. I'm glad you like it, though.

    Thank you for commenting!
    You are so sweet! Thank you very much for your beautiful words and kindness. <3 I'm so happy to hear that.

    Thank you for the condolences, and I agree with you. I'm finally getting over it. However, I would be lying if I said that I didn't feel bad because of what people said although I can understand their reaction. Luckily, everything should be solved now and things explained well enough. :) Thank you for the support. You are very kind.

    Thank you for commenting!
    Chimamire on bara: Kiitos paljon kehuista ja tuesta! Todella kilttia sinulta sanoa noin. Olen varma, etta ystavani arvostaa videota kaikkien niiden tuntemiemme vuosien jalkeen.

    Kiitos kommentistasi!

  10. Angel: Thank you very much for the compliments and support! I do design hats and other smaller items, so if you are interested, I would recommand you to follow my blog at August to see what I have made. :) That's nice of you. I would appreciate that a lot.

    Thank you for commenting!
    Sairon Amadeo D:
    Kiitos paljon kehuista ja todella kiva kuulla, etta pidat asusta. Ihmisten kommentit inspiroivat minua joka kerta kirjoittamaan enemman ja jatkamaan lolitan parissa. Joten, suuret kiitokset sinullekin! :)
    No, hoikkuudestani olen saanut kuulla aika paljon niin hyvaa kuin pahaakin. Kiva kuitenkin kuulla, etten nayta holmolta vaikka olenkin niin pitka ja muutenkin "puikula". Todella ihanasti sanottu. Kiitos.

    Oi, kiitos paljon tuesta! Ihana kuulla, etta olet kiinnostunut. Laitan tanne blogiini sitten lisatietoa kun myyn tekemiani juttusia. Eniten on ehka kuitenkin luvassa hattuja ja asusteita riippuen siita, miten saan ostettua kankaita Hollannissa.

    Kaikkea hyvaa sinullekin ja kiitos kommentistasi!

  11. Please let me know when you are selling some amazing hats of yours, and the dress from your first dress ♥ I would be interested then in buying~

  12. Your blog is beautiful ^^
    You know the address of a store Lolita in Finland?

    E mail:

    Plix ><

  13. OMG, you are so skinny *^*