Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hair and make up tutorials & a video competition

Hello there!
I hope everyone has had a great week so far.

Hopefully this would bring a smile to people's face because atleast in my case it did and I would like to share the feeling with all of you:
‎"A hug is like a boomerang - you get it back right away." *HUG*

In a way it's funny how so little things in your life can make you so happy. A hug or a kind gesture from a friend, or even from a person that you hardly know, can save your whole day. I don't know if I'm too emotional nowadays, but the amount of gratefulness that I feel towards my friends and closest ones has no limits. I feel so lucky to have so amazing people around me. So, thank you for all those lovely creatures that have been by my side every day. I would do anything for you. *hug*

Here's a song that I have been listening lately again (Apocalyptica - Nothing Else Matters).
I've been listening to metal as long as I can remember and Apocalyptica is one of those bands that keep their place as one of my personal favourites (I'm an old metal head although I don't necessarily look like one). These guys are talented, very talented, so I hope that you enjoy the song and their music in general too (this one is a cover, though).

Hair and make up tutorials:

As many of you have asked, I will be doing few hair and make up tutorials this weekend. However, before that I would like to ask you for an advice: What kind of hair and make up tutorials are you looking for? If there are some pics (mine or some pics from a magazine), let me know and I will do my best to replicate the hairdo/make up as well as possible and maybe add my own twist to it, if possible. I have many kinds of human hair extensions and wigs/other extensions so it's basically possible for me to do any kind of a hairdo (except very short and boyish hairstyles - unless I use a wig). I also have enough make up to do basically any kind of a make up as well. So, suggestions, please! :)

A video competition:

I have also planned to have a small competition from where the three best people will get small prices (nothing too big, but still very lolita/aristocrat related). I thought that a small playful competition would be a great idea when it comes to making other people smile since, in my opinion, we need more that kind of sillyness and sweetness to this world - little things that make you and other people happy For example, I get very happy when I can sit next to my friend somewhere where it's peaceful, somewhere where both of us like to be, and talk about anything. Sometimes this kinds of small things are the best ones and a small gesture may have a huge impact in your friend's life too.

The idea of the competition (shortly and as clearly as possible):

-Film a video (minimum 2 minutes in length) of a place (can be a cafeteria, a park, your home etc.) where you would like to take your lolita friends (or friends in general) to spend some quality time together with you. You get extra points for being in the video yourself.

-Add captions/subtitles/speach to your video and explain what you would do there together with your friends. You can also create a small story surrounding the place. For example: "This is our city's the most beautiful old park with big oaks and romantic fountains. It's located near to the city center of Helsinki, but at the same time it's very quiet and eccentric. Perfect for relaxation. That's why I would take all my (lolita) friends here on some sunny and warm day for a picnic, and later maybe for a small walk and a photoshoot next to the fountains and trees." The story/description can be more detailed as well - it's all up to you, but remember that the more imagination you use, the better. :)

-Upload the video on Youtube before June 30th for others to see and send me the link to your video to my mailbox on livejournal:

-On July 1st I will link all the videos to my blog and to EGL community and announce the winners. On the same day I will contact the winners personally to ask what they would prefer as their price - I can reveal that it will something small that I make myself and that you can wear on your head (the value of the items go somewhere around 18-22 euros if I sold them).

Feel free to contact me if there's anything to ask. :)
Everyone is allowed to participate and I hope to see people having fun with their missions. I will make my video later as well, but naturally, as I'm the one making the prices, I won't win anything. So, remember to have fun because the whole idea behind this competition is to create smiles to other people's faces. :)

So, many hugs and lots of luck to you all!

Here's something else that people might enjoy:

Well, atleast I'm almost going throught the computer screen. Cute, isn't it? :3

If you have any ideas and concrit to share, please feel free to comment. I'm more than happy to hear what people think and I appreciate all the effort put in the comments.

Thank you for reading!



  1. Churi Chan: I'm happy to hear that. :)

  2. You made me smile :) I really feel like giving you a hug :)

    Oh, and about the tutorials. I really look forward to them! :D If I'd make a wish, I'd wish for a tutorial for this hair and makeup:

    You leave me breathless in this picture. You are so beautiful.


  3. This will probably sound like a silly thing to request, but a make-up or hair tutorial for a lighter, summer-like yet aristo-compatible style would be much appreciated! It's hard to describe what exactly I have in mind, but something alike Pre-Raphaelite paintings might come close. In short: if eyeliner and heavy false lashes are out of the question, wat do?

  4. I love that video with the cat <3 Its too cute <3

    For a tutorial-wish I would really love if you could make some sort of tutorial for a hair-do that is made from long hair, and the hair is gathered into a big messy bundle around the head. Messy/cassual/sexy thing... I don't know if you've ever done anything like that, but I just was looking at some pictures and really fell in love with that kind of hair-do...
    Like these:

    Whoops, huge link x/

    aand another x/
    That other one I think she has dreads...
    but something like that...

    Like that :D

    <3: Mils

  5. Zeruda: I'm so happy to hear that. :) *hug*

    Thank you so much for your comment and suggestion. I will definately make a tutorial out of tha hair and make up - maybe this weekend already. :)

    Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate that a lot.

    Kaino: Thank you so much for the suggestion and help! I will definately come up with something yet quite simple but very aristo. Perhaps something like this: ?

    Thank you for commenting! Your help is highly appreciated.

    JustJack: Isn't it? :3 I don't get it how little kittens can be so cute and time after time (whenever I feel stressed or down) I find myself watching kitten videos on Youtube.

    Oh, thank you for the idea! I actually used to have a hairdo like that when I just started with lolita, so yes, it's very possible for me to make a tutorial out of it. I actually already know what to do and hope that you will like it. :) I really appreciate your help you are always so sweet. *hug*

    Thank you for commenting!