Thursday, March 10, 2011

12 steps to become a (gothic) aristocrat - continuation 5

(My quite simple outfit from few months ago. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time for my make up that day, so no fake eyelashes this time. I wish I had someone to take my pics so that I didn't have to use the mirror at the bathroom all the time... Well, anyways, the last pic is quite scary, isn't it?)

Hello to all!

Last week (when I wrote this - I'm now continuing writing much later, haha) I had a very long day at the fashion show that we had in Helsinki, 18 hours of work all in all, but I think the hair stylists, and make up artists and the people that styled our clothes had even tougher and longer day with all the preparations. It was quite an interesting experience to do modelling for Benetton, Sisley and ICHI since those are all quite different brands to the ones that I prefer myself. Plus, I really must have had the biggest hair ever.. A huge hairy rectangle on my head. Haha.

Thank you for all the people that came to watch the show. I'm still wondering who was the one screaming my name there every once in a while. I didn't even know that a person can yell that loud (I guess it was some of my closest friend's)... Pictures coming hopefully soon.

A piece of philosophy by Iira:

"Even of I thought that someone was ugly or not so pleasant to watch, I would never say it loud - because I know that I'm wrong."

If you know what is the saying and thought behind that sentence, I give you a golden star.

A clue: concrit, Sokrates and the fact that in my opinion there are no ugly people in this word - the word "ugly" itself, as a term, is very absurd.

Then, to my today's subjects (and as someone wished, I changed the placing of my text ;)):

"Dramatic and casual aristocrat - proper clothes for school/work?"

I got to admit that it's sometimes very difficult to find any differences from casual aristocrat and the aristocrat style itself, but there are few things to mention when we try to compare a bit more casual style to the more dramatic one. I have to say that the biggest difference comes in the make up, the amount of accessories and possibly even in the shape of the clothes and the details (ruffles, prints etc.)

A picture tells more than a thousand words, so I will share few good examples of a casual style that I personally would prefer when wearing aristocrat at school or work:

These pictures are taken from the French Vogue (Yes, high fashion is often quite aristocratic, you know).

As you can see, simple skirts (long or slightly shorter) or even pants, short jackets with a collar, nicely done simple hair, beautiful make up (simple OR dramatic), ruffle blouses, scarfs, leather gloves and hats are all part of the casual outfit depending on what you prefer yourself. For my own casual style I usually prefer:

-a long simple skirt or suit pants/leather pants of certain kind

-ruffle blouse and a collar

-a suit jacket/long coat with victorian boots

-leather gloves/black gloves or lace gloves with rings

-hats of many kinds/headdresses/roses/haircorsages

-pearls and other jewellery

-a simple elegant bag where I can fit in my books and other essential things like my beloved calculator, make up, wallet and cellphone

(Ehm, not very aristocratic, but I hope you noticed my sunglasses, the wig, hat, pearls and coats that I use often with casual aristocrat - the left one is from Moitié)

For a bit more masculine style I would recommand something like this with some accessories like collars/jabots, rings, gloves and necklaces added ( And yes, it's a suit - Notice especially Klaha's (the one in the white suit) make up and hair!):

And when it comes to casual hair and make up, I would like to say that the most important thing of the whole outfit is the PORCELAIN SKIN and atleast
tidy hair (a good quality wig is always a very good option). Flawless, pale (not necessarily pale if your skin colour is dark, but flawless atleast) and beautifully done make up is such a huge part of an aristocratic style because, if you ask me, aristocrat is a style that is all about elegance, perfectly fitting clothes and good posture - sometimes I like to call the elegant vibe in aristocrat as "the royal vampire aura", haha.

Here are some good examples of the flawless porcelain skin that I'm talking about (notice that these pics are photoshopped, so it's basically almost impossible for most of us to achieve a skin like this even with the best skills and make up products):

Here are some good examples of the hair style (and make up) - I would also prefer tight buns with a side fringe/regular fringe and wigs/hair extensions... you name it:

And for a bit more dramatic style:

(I have also started to prefer gyaruish hairdos and make up with my aristocrat and lolita. Now, don't get too shocked ecause have you noticed what our beloved HIzaki does with his hair and make up? Yes, it's all very gyaru in the end, isn't it?)

Then, few good examples of the more dramatic make up:

Then just simply quite dramatic arsitocratic outfits. There are many other styles and pictures of the dramatic version of aristocrat, so if there's something spesific that you are looking for, feel free to ask me. :) :

Well, if you think that it would be good to add something more to this text, let me know about it because it might be that I have forgotten something very important...
Anyways, here are my subjects for my next texts:

  • "Photoshoots, shooting locations and poses"

  • "How to behave like an aristocrat"

  • "Aristocratic style in my way, make up and hair (tutorials)"

  • "A mystery video"
I hope you enjoyed and will look forward to my next texts!
I will be answering your comments as soon as possible. Again, thank you for those - they always inspire me to write and discuss more. :3

With many warm hugs,


  1. Thank you for this post. As someone new to Aristo, it's quite helpful to gather all of this information from blogs like yours. :)
    "Royal vampire aura"--I love that; it reminds me of Kamijo. He's one of my rolemodels for Aristocrat, so I've made an effort to practice that aura as you put it.

  2. Oh, the pleasure was all mine. I'm glad you found the post helpful. :) It always inspires me to write more when i receive comments from people. i try my best in gathering information from different sources and share those with everyone as a whole package, so to say.

    Oh, yes, it really does remind me a bit of Kamijo as well. he is a very good example of that. He is very graceful (when he is not goofing around, haha).

    Thank you for commenting!

    With best wishes,