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12 steps to become a (gothic) aristocrat - continuation 4

(A Finnish Moitié meeting last summer.)

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Good morning, sweethearts!

It's again time for me to continue my very basic babbles about EGA and aristocrat styles, and write like a crazy person (it takes a LONG time to upload any pictures on blogspot), although it's only a day from the last time I wrote something. Yesterday my subjects included some basic info about jewellery, accessories and hats, but today I'm truly looking forward to the next subjects listed below:

8.3.: "EGA and Moi-même-Moitié, Atelier Boz and other brands"

And after these there are few more subjects that I haven't written about yet:
  • "Dramatic and casual aristocrat - proper clothes for school/work?"
  • "Photoshoots, shooting locations and poses"
  • "How to behave like an aristocrat?"
  • "Aristocratic style in my way, make up and hair (tutorials)"
  • "A mystery video"
Notice that these texts that I write for now include only some very, Imean VERY, basic information when it comes to aristocratic style. I will be sharing much more interesting stuff later on, but as I always say: Concrit will be highly appreciated. :)
I'm quite looking forward for the tutorials and video posts. It might be that I change the language into English because it's so time consuming to write any subtitles.. And when it comes to my unsubtitled videos on youtube: I won't be writing any subtitles to them because, first of all, I will be filming them all over again. The quality of the videos was just too bad, so I need to do it again. Sorry.. :')

Okay, but let's start with today's subjects then:

Aristocratic style
"EGA and Moi-même-Moitié, Atelier Boz and other brands"

1.) EGA and Moi-même-Moitié
2.) Atelier Boz
3.) Other brands

1.) EGA and Moi-même-Moitié

As I have mentioned before, I like to use the term Elegant Gothic Aristocrat (EGA) usually only when we talk about Mana's brand Moi-même-Moitié. I don't know why, but I just prefer it like that. Maybe it's because I'm a big fan of Moitié's clothes and want to keep it as something special or then it might be also that Moitié really does use the term EGA more than other brands or replica factories. I'm not sure, but I hope that I'm not wrong when I say that Moitié was the first brand name using this term (maybe Mana invented it, who knows).

I bet that Moitié is the most well-known brand when it comes to aristocrat and maybe even gothic lolita. So, no wonder that Moitié's clothes are so expensive: people want to buy them because a.) the status of Moitié, b.) the good quality (usually) and c.) beautifully draping fabrics, colours and the general "vampire vibe" in them, haha. And, well, the clothes are designed by Mana " one of the biggest gothic lolita and aristocrat idols" and the prints are often very beautiful, so what can I say? I'm absolutely addicted.

In my own personal opinion Moitié used to have such beautiful designs few years ago, but nowadays (as the economical situation is what it is and this phenomenon called kapitalism is here to bother us) the aristocratic clothes are just.. well, lame, and it can be seen that they are produced and made for bigger masses of people: easy to make, less fabric.. no imagination. I'm actually quite disappointed. The lolita clothes have gone to the same direction as well althoiugh the prints are still quite beautiful. Moitié doesn't use velvet anymore - it's all polyester.. okay, I know that a certain type of a polyester drapes very beautifully, but still. I miss the velveteen things too.
Moitié also suffers from the lack of variety - it's very hard to find proper aristocratic clothes anymore when even Moitié doesn't sell them. That's why I have come to the conclusion that I will continue making my own clothes and design them further. If Mana doesn't do anything to improve the gothic aristocrat style, I will do it with few other people. u_u

Here are few examples of the earlier production of Moitié:
And here few examples of the production today (I really like Moitié's gilets and I can see lots of improvement when it comes to the designs of them):
To be honest, I usually use lolita with my aristocrat too! By layering many skirts you can create very interesting outfits, so no worries, you can buy Moitié's beautiful lolita pieces and combine them with basic black skirts etc. if you don't find any aristocratic pieces of clothing. Here's one good video example of one of my own outfits a while ago - The grey lolita skirt is Moitié's Rozenkreutz, the blouse is Moitiés and some of the accessories too (I mix my own sewings, brand and offbrand (usually vintage)): Click here

If you are still wondering the sizes that Moitié has in their clothes:
Waist: max. 64cm (in women's clothes) / max. 71cm (in men's clothes)
Bust: max. 83cm (in women's clothes) / max. ? (in men's clothes)

So, if you have small frame: waist 60cm and bust 79cm (like me, haha = no boobs) the clothes will drape nicely on you. Never squeeze yourself into too small clothes (unless you like the look of it yourself). Most of the Japanese brands are smaller than the average size of people in the western world. Western people are taller and have slightly wider body structure, so I hope that everyone realizes that for some it's impossible to fit properly in these clothes, no matter how thin they are.

Here's a link to Moitié web page: Click
And here you can buy Moitié's clothes abroad: Click to CD Japan
Here's a link to wikipedia for more specific information: Click

2.) Atelier Boz

Atelier Boz is a bit less well-known brand that sells extremely good quality clothes for styles like gothic lolita and aristocrat, and no wonder they are expensive. Maybe even more expensive than Moitié depending on the piece of clothing. The clothes get their inspiration from vampires, roses and for some reason also from an anime called "Kuroshitsuji" (Black Butler). By the way, I really recommend that anime. ;) Sometimes I like Atelier Boz even more than Moitié because it's much more detailed, dramatic and romantic, and they use plenty of fabric in their clothes.
I would claim that when it comes to jackets and coats, Atelier Boz definately has the best ones. However, if you don't have your own shopping service (a person that goes to the store in Japan for you), it's very hard to find Boz's clothes basically anywhere. You can find yourself a shopping service from The EGL Community Sales.

Here's a link to Atelier Boz's web page: Click

Some day I will definately get myself a coat from Boz, some beautiful day, haha.

3.) Other brands

There are also many other brands selling beautiful pieces for aristocratic style. Brands like BABY, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice Auaa have both sold aristocratic clothes. Here are two examples:

Here's Alice Auaa's web page: Click.
I don't personally prefer thwir clothes because they are too.. well, gothic and trashy looking to suit my own taste.

As I said, you can always combine lolita with aristocrat, so by buying clothes for lolita you can always use them for aristo as well and that way create something really interesting. For example, lolita coats, blouses, headdresses and sometimes even skirts go very well with
arsitocrat, not to mention the handbags.

Feel free to ask for more info about other brands and how to buy them. Thank you for reading!

I hope that you found my text useful atleast on some level. I need to hurry now to see my lovely granny, but here's one bonus pic for you to laugh at (me and my pretty friend, always fooling around) - as you can see, I once tried gyaru too:

(Here's a link to my Everyday Gyaru post: Click.)

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the day!

With best wishes,


  1. Hei Iira, alkajaisiksi haluan kiittää sinua tämän blogin pitämisestä. :) Olen ollut ala-asteikäisestä asti kiinnostunut historiasta - etenkin arkkitehtuurista ja pukeutumisesta - mutten ole aikaisemmin tohtinut pukeutua ihan niin erikoisesti. Nähtyäni kuvia sinusta täyspitkissä hameissa tuli "miksen minäkin" fiilis; olenhan ylväs ja osaan kantaa itseni. En pyri olemaan täysin aristo enkä romantic/victorian goth, mutta tiedänpä mistä ottaa vaikutteita o m a a n tyyliini.

    Postauksesi ovat informatiivisia ja tarpeeksi pitkiä ihanuuksia, joita on nautinnollista lukea, joskin silmäni eivät pidä keskitetystä tekstistä. Jookos ei keskitystä. ;)

    Suhtaudut varmaan ihan hyvin postausehdotuksiin, niinpä esitän muutaman toivomuksen. Alushamevaihtoehtoja, lisää ei-näin -kuvia (osataan välttää kammotuskuteet), ohjeita helpohkoon asustenäpertelyyn ja peruukkisuosituksia.

    Taidan lopetella, ettei jämähdä turhaksi jorinaksi. :D Mutta täällä odotellaan kuitenkin innolla uusia postauksia.

  2. Wow the Atelier Boz video O_O I need the first outfit in my life.

  3. Täältä tuli You are beautiful-tunnustus! :)

  4. Even the gyaru style looks great on you !
    (Especially the long and white dress...how romantic !) <3

  5. Your meet up picture at the beginning is so amazing~ you all look excellent.

    I love Atelier Boz myself, even more than Moite. I'm even making a Boz jabot from a pattern out of Gothic&Lolita Bible. Black Peace Now is also great, and there's another one, M+N or something? Aaah, I can't remember. I like that one as well though.

    Very detailed~ you've done your homework. ^_^

  6. Barocco: Pahoittelen hieman viivastynytta vastausta. Tassa on ollut viime aikoina niin paljon vastailemista ihmisten kommentteihin sun muihin, etta en voi muuta sanoa kuin etta huhhuh. :) Todella imartelevaa ja olen ihan kamalan otettu kaikista niista kauniista ajatuksista, joita ihmiset minulle jakavat. Kiitos siis sinullekin. Arvostan vaivannakoasi paljon.

    On myos ihana kuulla, etta olet loytanut jotain hyodyllista blogistani. Se on kaikkein tarkeinta ja olen todella onnellinen kuullessani, etta olet kiinnostunut aristosta. Niin, ja kuten toivoit, olen vaihtanut keskitetysta tekstista vasemmanpuoleiseen rivitykseen. Toivottavasti sinun ja kaikkien muidenkin on nyt helpompi lukea tekstejani. :) Kiitos vinkista!

    Ja paljon kiitoksia ehdotuksista! Otan nuo aiheet puheeksi tassa joku kerta mahdollisimman pian. :)

    Mukava kuulla, etta pidat postauksistani! Toivottavasti jaksat lukea blogiani viela jatkossakin!

    Kiitos kommentistasi!
    Asio Otus: Me too. *_* Kiitos kommentistasi!
    LadyBug: Voi, kiitos ihan hirveasti. Olen otettu. *haleja* Ja kiitokset kommentistasi. :)
    Doctor.Skouiky: Oh, thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear that you like it. My friend did some great job when she styled me. (I love the white dress myself too I think I need to get myself one some day <3)

    Thank you for commenting!
    Il Ruinante Sir Isaak: Thank you so much! I'm happy to hear that because we all had so much fun together. :)

    Atelier Boz has some amazing clothes and the quality of them is fabulous. Unfortunately, they don't have so many designs and the clothes are hard to get because well, they are so expensive. More expensive than Moitie.

    I'm happy to hear that you liked the post! Thank you for commenting. :)