Monday, March 7, 2011

12 steps to become a (gothic) aristocrat - continuation 3

(The very casual me on my way to London last week. And yes, it's a wig and the coat is from Moitié - slightly too big on me..)

Hello again, everyone!
Yesterday I finished writing information about the very basic clothes, like blouses, shoes and skirts, but today I would like to talk more about the little details that make the whole look a bit more interesting. I try to keep my texts as short as possible, but as this is very good practise for my English's Matriculation Examination, I won't promise anything. :')
And everyone, thank you so much for all the support and the interest towards my commissions and work.
. I truly appreciate all the effort people have put on writing to me. In the future I will be writing much
shorter texts as long texts are often very boring to read through. Plus, I will be posting more videos and pictures because I know that those are usually much more interesting that my longer than life babbles about shoes and such, haha

My today's subjects are:
Basic clothes:
1.) hats and headdresses
2.) bags
3.) gloves
4.) jewellery
5.) umbrellas and sunglasses
6.) other accessories

-For Finnish readers: You can find very suitable crosses and other pretty details from Sinelli in Helsinki - near Forum on Simonkatu. Other good options are Hobby Poin tnext to Kamppi, Espan Enkelit on Kalevankatu, Nappitalo near Gloria and Itäkeskus' Sinelli. Flea market's are always a very good option too. +eBay)
-For foreign readers: Check out eBay to buy small details in a very reasonable price. For a very cheap price lace (especially the Venetian/Venice lace) I would recommand Cheeptrims online shop.

Aristocratic style

I need to admit that I'm a big fan of different kinds of hats. I currently have too many of them, but I still for some reason want to have more of them - I feel like I'm missing few essential type of hats in my wardrobe. However, it takes quite a long time to make a good hat, so at the moment I have been doing hats only as commissions for other people.
There is a huge variety of different kinds of hats when it comes to aristocrat because many of the historical hats (see pictures) are all very suitable for the stylet (people have designed those for centuries). Feathers, Venice lace, chains, velvet, silk, roses and flowers, veils and a dramatic shape are few basic things when it comes to good aristocratic hats. If you have ever seen The Marie Antoinette movie (directed by Coppola), you know what I'm talking about. Sometimes even silinders are suitable for an aristocratic style, especially the masculine one, but personally I don't prefer them. I don't know why, but I don't like to see silinders on me - maybe because I'm already so tall.
Here are few examples of hats that suit aristocrat and often even dramatic lolita outfit - notice that many of the hats are made by me:
(two hats made as commissions)
(me and my friend halktia)
Then, when it comes to headdresses and such, I would recommend headbands or headdresses with veil, extra roses and feathers, with haircorsages and extra lace, crosses and chains. Dramatic hair is a big part of the whole outfit as well, never forget that!
I remember when I was just starting with this whole style and... Oh god, it's so embarrassing! Haha, but luckily I'm now able to laugh at my outfits that I used to have during that time. It's all part of the development into your own style and I guess that everyone is embarrassed of their own looks at some point of their life.
Here are few good examples of headdresses, roses, veils, hair etc. Notice that when it comes to aristocrat, and lolita too, your hair should be nicely done. Extra roses and feathers are ALWAYS instant win in every outfit and style! Also, always remember not use bad quality pieces of clothing, ALWAYS.
(a headdress made by me)
(I think tha this kind of a hime haisrtyle woyld go well with both lolita and aristocrat)
(an example of good make up)

2.) BAGS
Your bag doesn't have to be an expensive investment, Good quality and suitable bags can be found on flea markets with a very reasonable price. I have found many of my bags (mainly vintage) as second hand. Then, in the other hand, one very good option is to buy bags from different brands like Moitié etc. and, as I own four bags from Moitié, I can assure you that it is much more expensive than to buy a non-designer vintage bag. I also love small suitcases and rose pattern bags with both lolita and aristocrat. Here are few good examples of different bags:

I would say that gloves are an important, but not essential, accessory when it comes to aristocrat. The right kind of gloves bring that final touch to your outfit, especially if you are able to wear many rings with them. There are basically three or four kinds of gloves available: lace gloves (be very careful with the quality and prefer cotton lace gloves - they are usually vintage), plain (mat) black polyester gloves, velveteen gloves and leather gloves. Avoid too shiny materials, like satin. In my opinion satin gloves rarely fit aristocrat, unless they are white.
Here are few good examples of gloves that go well with aristocrat, and lolita too:
(my black polyester lace gloves)

As for every style, aristocratic style goes well with many kinds of jewellery. That's why I could write a long babble about different jewellery, but I try to stick with the most basic ones like rings, necklace, brooches, earrings and pocket watches.

For rings I would definately prefer metallic, elegant rings with dramatic stones or other details like crosses and roses. Smaller rings go well with the bigger ones because, if you ask me about it, I personally would prefer many rings instead of one: two or three big ones for one hand and few smaller ones balance the whole thing.
Here are few good examples:
For a necklace, I usually prefer simple, a bit bigger size silver or gold crosses, lockets or cameo jewellery. Chokers with peads, chains, crosses or crystals etc. are good options too, especially if your outfit has a high necked blouse or an open neck and chest area. One very good form of choker is this kind of lace choker with tulle lace and a small brooch or button in front of it - you can see this kind of chokers on Mana, for example - Moitié also sells very beautiful ones. Here are few good examples of different necklace options - always remember that basically everything goes with aristocrat if you know how to match it with your outfit:
(a lace choker made by me)
(some of my pearl jewellery and a necklace with my bf's name on it - he has the other half with my name on it)

Brooches (with some historical antique vibe in them) are a very good option to make your outfit look complete. You can use brooches on jabots, on your chest area, on your bags, on your hats and on basically everything. For example, I prefer brooches not only with jabots but with my hairdo as well. I often combine, roses, pearl necklaces and chains with brooches and use those as hair accessory. Cameo brooches are often the best option imaginable. Here is one good example of a good brooch option:
Earrings aren't necessarily essential when it comes to aristocratic style because in most cases your hair will be covering your ears and no one is able to see if you're wearing earrings or not. However, if you want to wear earrings, I would recommend crosses, pearls or basically everything that you find beautiful yourself. Here are few of my favourites:
Pocket watches have this kind of very historical touch in them and that's why they are very suitable for aristocratic style, not only when hold in the pocket (especially in masculine aristocrat) but as necklace as well. If you wonder where to buy pocket watches, go to eBay or to Men's Emporium's web page. Flea markets are another good option as well, as I always tend to say. Here's one good example of a pocket clock if you don't know what it is:
Umbrellas are very useful items when it comes to both sunny and rainy days. Not only it looks elegant, but it's very convenient. I guess thgat during a hot day you most likely feel like covering yourself from the hot sunlight because of the huge amount of clothes you're wearing. Then, during a rainy day.. well, if you don't know what happens when it rains you're on your way to a total disaster, haha.
NOTICE: Do not use plastic lace umbrellas that are sold in most of the gothic stores. Those are just.. horrible and the most unelegant things I have ever seen. I used to have one when I started with aristocrat, but later I noticed how silly it looked. So, please, I hope you understand the difference between a good umbrella and a bad one.
This is bad: Click.
This is good: Click.
There are also many beautiful and different handles for umbrellas.
Here are some of my favourites when it comes to these items:
We rarely see sunglasses with aristocrat because, first of all, people want to show their beautifully done eye make up which is one of the most important feature when it comes to styles like lolita and arsitocrat (and gyaru too). But, if you feel like wearing sunglasses, here are few good examples (mine are self-modified - the first pic):
There are MANY options for other accessories, so let me share few of my own personal favourites:
(wristcuffs made by me)
(my blingy nails)

And as for a bonus, here's a video that I filmed a long time ago (28.12.) in a small lolita meeting at Helsinki. We got an autograph from a famous Finnish dancer, Jorma Uotinen ("Jooorma Uoootineeeen!!!") after he came to talk to us and told how amazing we looked. It was something too funny to be true, haha:

Well, I hope that you found this text even slightly useful or inspiring because what I have been thinking lately is that we definately need more aristocratic and lolita beauty in this world. The ideology can be so beautiful behind all of these and the contacts that you can make with people around the world are priceless. Atleast I feel like I have got so many good friends through these styles. I'm so grateful about everything that my hobby has brought to my life.
So, thank you for the support, everyone.

Concrit will be highly appreacited, as always.
Don't hesitate to ask me questions or say what you think because I'm more than happy to hear what you are thinking.

I'll continue writing a bit later today and add some tags to my writings, so that it's easier for people to navigate in my blog.

Thank you for reading!

Lots of hugs,

(Still one bonus pic: Me and my the most wonderful boyfriend as North Koreans at a South Korean party, haha. I have never felt as out of place.)


  1. LOL aivan mahtava toi viimenen kuva ;D. Sen jälkeen kun olen tätä sun blogias selaillut, on minussakin alkanut kutkuttaa halu koittaa aristoa. Kynnys on kuitenkin korkea, koska 1. en halua epäonnistua aivan täydellisesti ekalla yrittämällä 2. En viitsi alkaa ostamaan brändiä, koska jos minulle ei aristo sovikkaan niin ei ole hauskaa että on tuhlannut rahansa vääränlaisiin vaatteisiin :<

  2. Haha, kiitokset. Olen ihan samaa mieltä - harvinaisen hyvä kuva minusta ja poikaystävästäni. :')
    Tiedän tunteen ja ehkä siksi sinun kannattaisi suunnitella asusi ensin todella tarkkaan jonkun sellaisen kanssa, jok aon sinua valmis auttamaan ja tietää aristosta tyylinä enemmän. Valitettavasti Suomessa (tai muuallakaan maailmassa) ei ole ariston harrastajia kovinkaan montaa. Taidan olla itse yksi niistä harvoista, joilta voi halutessaan pyytää apua asukokonaisuuksien luomisessa.. Joten, jos haluat niin voimme keskustella ensimmaisen asukokonaisuuden hankkimisesta tarkemmin. Voit esimerkiksi lähettää minulle kuvia itsestäsi ja kertoa minulle millaista tyyliä olet etsimässä ja miten paljon sinulla on varaa kuluttaa asuun. Otan mahdollisesti 20.3. taas vastaan tilaustöitä hatuille enkä veloita niistä liian suuria summia vaan aivan kohtuullisen hinnan. Ottaisin muuten vastaan mekko ja hametilauksiakin, mutta koska olen Amsterdamissa 20.3. alkaen kolme viikkoa niin en usko pystyväni ilman ompelukonetta luomaan mitään johon tarvitaan ompelukonetta. Hattujen tekemiseen taasen en tarvitse konetta laisinkaan. :)
    Yksi hyvä vaihtoehto on, että ompelet itse vaatteesi. Voin pientä korvausta vastaan suunnitella ja piirtää sinulle kaavat haluamanlaiseesi asuun (hame, mekko jne.) ja ohjeistaa ompelemisessa.
    Aristovaatteet ovat paljon kalliimpia kuin lolitakuteet, joten brändeiltä ostaminen on a.) kallista ja b.) brändit harvoin myyvät aristoa enää nykyään, joten näiden vaatteiden löytäminen on jo nykyään todella vaikeaa ja harvinaisuuksista saa pulittaa maltaita (kuten Moitién Irong Gate OP: yli 1200 dollaria... Kiesus.)
    Kyllä se aristo sopii sinulle jos vain osaat laittaa hiuksesi ja meikata juuri oikealla tavalla. Niin lolitassa, aristossa kuin gyarussakin kaikista tarkeinta on oikeastaan meikki ja hiukset. Ruma pärstä on instant fail, valitettavasti. (siksi olenkin kosmetiikan suurkuluttaja, hehe)

    Kiitos kommentistasi!


  3. Lovely to have you back!

    Postauksesi ovat erittäin hyödyllisiä ja mielenkiintoisia. Uskon, että niistä tulee olemaan suurta apua, kun/jos joku päivä aristoa haluan kunnolla kokeilla. Ja jos ei muuten, niin tätähän pystyy soveltamaan hyvin paljolti myös lolitaan, uskoisin?
    Olet yhäkin ehdottomasti aivan kauneimpia lolitoja/aristoja, jotka olen koskaan nähnyt (livenä kuin internetin suuressa ihmemaassakin)ja postauksesi ja asusi ovat hirmuisen inspiroivia. Aina silloin, kun tuntuu siltä, että voisi heittää pyyhkeen kehään, pelkkä sinun blogisi vilkaiseminen saa innon palaamaan nopeammin kuin salamavauhdilla. Kiitos siitä.
    Totta puhuakseni, en ole vielä ehtinyt aivan kaikkea näistä lukea, mutta oli vain pakko tulla sanomaan, kuinka paljon piristi erityisen huonosti alkanutta aamuani huomata tämä postaus.

    Keep going and stay beautiful.
    ~ Sairon

    p.s Olisi erittäin mielenkiintoista lukea muistakin asioista blogissasi, shoppailut ynnämuut. Lisäksi olisin ainakin itse hyvin kiinnostunut jos haluaisit jakaa asioita filosofiasta kanssamme, olen itsekin aiheesta erittäin kiinnostunut ja olisi erittäin upeaa kuulla jonkun muunkin ajatuksia - turhan harva kun tuntuu filosofiaa vakavissaan ottavan.

  4. Hello,

    I would like to know:
    - how do you fix your nails ?
    - What kind of material do you use ?

    PS : It must be very heavy ! :O

    Thank you very much.

  5. Sairon Amadeo D:
    Pahoittelen, etta vastaukseni tulee nain myohassa.
    On todella ihana kuulla, etta olet loytanyt jotain hyodyllista blogistani. On aina ihana lukea ihmisten kommentteja, joten kiitos kaikesta siita vaivannaosta, jota kommenttien kirjoittaminen on vaatinut. Arvostan sanojasi suuresti. Jatkan varmasti blogini paivittamista nyt useammin kun minulla on enemman aikaa. Kiitos inspiraatiosta! :)

    Ja tosiaan, yritan kirjoittaa myos asioista, jotka ovat vahemman vakavia. Ja nyt erityisesti kun muutan Amsterdamiin niin shoppailuista kirjoitain varmasti enemman. Ainakin mita tulee kangaskauppoihin ja toreihin seka niihin kaikkiin aivan ihaniin rakennuksiin, joita Amsterdam on pullollaan. :)

    Kiitos kommentistasi, siis!
    Hello, and shorry for the delay of my reply. I hope you will notice this anyway. :)

    I fix my nails with a very small amount of nail glue and hot glue. Otherwise the materials are very basic: nail polish etc. You can use basically anything to decorate your nails. For example, you can buy crystals with a very cheap price on eBay.

    Yes, those are some very heavy nails. :')

    It was all my pleasure! Thank you for commenting!