Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Autumn and too many things to do

Hello again, everyone!
It has been a while.

As many of you already know, I have been ridculously busy with my life lately. Yes, I know, I'm always busy, but this time I'm literally overbooked. That's why I'm quite worried if I'm able to write my blog often enough or take pictures for people to see, or not. Nowadays, I have less and less time to wear lolita or aristocrat, or hang around with my friends even though I wanted to. However, I will still try my best and find time for everything. So, that's why the only thing I'm asking from people is to understand my situation at the moment.

Never forget how much I appreciate everyone's kindness and the effort people put on commenting my photos and texts. I bet that people have no idea how much their kind words have helped me to get through my daily life, even when my work day seems endless.

As said, I have been extremely busy. Due to that my next vlog entry is still unfinished and waiting for its subtitles. All I can say at the moment is that the video will consist a quite a lot of information about gothic aristocrat style and the type of an aristocrat I prefer most myself. I'm trying my best to give you information that could be useful in a way or another. I hope people will find it useful and pleasant to watch, but, as always, concrit will be highly appreciated.
Thank you for the critique and Beautiful Blogger "things" last time! Those really made me smile. I'm actually quite touched of the fact how nice people really are.
*many hugs to you all*

Now, I would like to share few very useful links dealing mostly with lolita and aristocrat styles, but also other very inspiring web pages. I would also love to share couple of my latest outfits (unfortunately, I haven't taken photos of every outfit I had) that you will find at the end of this entry (with one short video). Plus, at the very end of this post, I will let you know what my motto is (I bet many of you already know what it is). It tells very much about the way I'm used to see this world and people living on this small Tellus of ours.

Then, to the links:

Online shops that I prefer and recommand:
http://maruione.jp/en/ (to buy Moitié, for example)
http://closetchild.ocnk.net/ (to buy many lolita and lolita related brands)
http://www.mfashion.eu/ (Miraifashion: Buy clothes in Europe, Netherlands - I will totally visit their store some day!)
http://www.ebay.com/ (to buy wigs, hair extensions, nails, fake eyelashes and other cosmetics + FABRICS with a very cheap price)
http://community.livejournal.com/egl_comm_sales (EGL community sales: use tags and find secondhand clothes from a specific brand)
http://www.babyssb.co.jp/ (BABY, the Stars Shine Bright online shop)
http://angelicpretty.jp-stores.com/ (Angelic Pretty online shop)
http://www.fanplusfriend.com/ (to buy replicas, especially coats and gilets; BE CAREFUL WITH THE QUALITY OF THE CLOTHES!)
http://www.yesstyle.com/en/home.html (to find loliable shoes with quite a cheap price, Korea)
+ many others. ask me if there's something specific you want to find and I try my best to guide you to the right site. :)

The best tips for shopping:
Prefer second hand. Also, to save money, buy regular clothes and turn them into lolita/aristocrat/kodona etc. by adding lolitaish elements like bows, lace, ruffles, satin stripes and flowers, especially roses. I would also recommand that people used more delicate buttons (golden, silver, rose shape etc), and for hats: tulle and feathers combined (tulle is there to keep the feathers still). Pearls, camé jewelleries, crosses, and rose charms are also very good options to be used for your clothes. Just choose your style and combine!

Communities etc.:
http://community.livejournal.com/egl (EGL community: a great place to share meet-up photos and photoshoots with other lolitas and aristocrats)
http://community.livejournal.com/daily_lolita/ (a good place to share your daily outfits with people around the world)
http://www.facebook.com/ (find me there with my name: Iira Salo)
http://www.enfantterrible.fi/ (a Finnish lolita community, Enfant Terrible)
http://unecortilederoses.blogspot.com/ (Our "circle's", CDR, blog which in my part is on a temporary hiatus)
(at our summer cottage, our part of the lake)

Latest outfits:


(And this is the reason why I always complain about my skinny legs.. Those don't look healthy at all.)

Pictures that have inspired me lately:
A video that has inspired me for a long time now (the music especially).
Say what ever you want, but I find Mana extremely inspiring. He has been one of my style icons from the beginning and will remain as one in the future as well:
This song reminds me of the reason why I have never been in love.
My motto:
"We are wise when we know that in the end we know nothing." - Sokrates
The silly and useless video. I hope you don't mind the goofy face of mine.
P.S. I almost fell at the end of the video as you might have noticed...


Thank you for reading and watching!
I wish you all have a great week. :)



  1. Ihania asuja! ja ihania kuvia <3 Harmi että sinulla on kiireitä, postauksiasi on todella kiva lukea. Osaat niin ihanasti pukeutua. Tiedät mikä sopii sinulle!
    Kaunis olet. :)

  2. Voi tyttö, olet niin tavattoman siro ;___; Aivan tavattoman ihania vaatteita ja sopivat sulle niin hyvin ♥

  3. Once again your outfits are really stylish! Especially I like the one in the beggining with dark blue (the colour suits you perfectly!) and the black&white cordination near the end. You really know how to look elegant and you make the dresses look absoltely gorgeous and graceful while wearing them. Absolutely beautiful, I must say.

    Wish you lots of strenght with your works and hope you'll get them in order and done. Don't take too much pressure from something like a blog, we will wait.

    Thank you once again for the entry and very inspiring pictures!

  4. What a lovely entry, Iira my dear!! <3

    First of all, I must say thank you for taking the time to post all these links and useful tips to buy and have a Lolita or Aristocrat wardrobe. ^^ I found the information very useful indeed!

    Second, I am glad to know that you've been working on your second video! It will make me very happy to watch it when it's ready! :D

    I hope that you are doing well despite being so busy! ^^ Well, we talked the other day and you said you were doing well, so I am happy to know that too! Good luck with everything, sweetie! :D

    I love the photo of the lake. What a wonderful place to be!! <3

    Your outfits are far beyond gorgeous! As usual, you are inspiring and you are absolutely flawless. Iira, you are amazing! ^^ I must say I love your eyes and that lovely smile of yours. Your face's so sweet and you have so much beauty inside that it is reflected on the outside!

    Thank you for sharing the photos that inspire you! They're certainly very pretty! :3

    And your motto is awesome. And I have to agree with it.


    Mana is a great source of inspiration. He's fabulous!! :D

    Awww!! You look so cute on that video!! ^^

    Have a lovely week, dear! :3
    Lots of love,

    Silv. :3

  5. LadyBug:
    Kiitos paljon kauniista sanoistasi. Olen todella otettu. <3 Todella, kiireiden kanssa on ollut ongelmia viime aikoina, mutta kyllä tämä tästä. Jouluna viimeinen rutistus ja sen jälkeen helpottanee hetkiseksi. Kiitos kuitenkin tuesta. On ihana kuulla, että pidät kuvistani ja kirjoituksistani. Hauskaa viikonloppua ja viikkoa!


    Kiitos paljon! Ihanaa, että olet tuota mieltä. Jos vain muutaman kilon saisin luitteni ympärilleni niin olisin itsekin tyytyväinen. Kiitos kuitenkin rohkaisevista sanoistasi! <3
    Hauskaa viikonloppua ja viikkoa sinullekin!


    Sairon amadeo D:
    Oh my, I'm absolutely flattered again by your words. thank you for the compliments. I don't know what to say because I feel too flattered at the moment. I'm a tomato, almost literally. So, thank you. That's all I can say for now.
    I'm really happy to hear that you have liked my outfits. It really encourages me when people tell me what they think about them. I also love concrit. :)

    Thank you for your encouragement! I will be trying my best with everything.

    This was all my pleasure. it always gives me lots of strength to write and talk with people.

    I hope you have a great weekend and week!

    With best wishes,

  6. Your outfits are lovely!