Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vlog 2, part 1 (intro) @ Youtube

(Mana, always as inspirational. By the way, go and check Moitié's new Christmas edition clothes:


Hello, everybody!

Feel free to check out my second video blog entry on Youtube:

The video is a sort of an introduction for the main video that will include my version of a simple gothic aristocrat outfit that might be suitable as someone's first aristo outfit or just for daily basis, for example. The main video will contain lots of information about aristocratic clothing and what is important and what should be avoided etc. in my own opinion.
Read more about it on the video description. :)


Here's one of my latest sewing projects.
A blue blouse, bought from a second hand store called "Fida" (located in Helsinki, Hakaniemi). It used to be a very plain blouse with way too wide shoulders and size that could have covered an elephant. This is what I came up with it (it's still missing lace from the sleeves and collar):
My latest outfit:
Thank you for reading and hopefully you will enjoy the video! :)
Concrit will be highly appreciated again and in the future as well.
P.S. It snowed for the first time this winter (this is the view I see from our livingroom window)!



  1. Oooh! Ihana video. Olet aivan mahtava tyylisi kanssa<3 :)
    Upeaa että suomesta löytyy hyviä lolita- ja aristotyyliin pukeutujia. Tässä tyylissä on todella tärkeää: hiukset, meikit, vaatteiden yhdistäminen + asusteet ja värit. Kuitenkin aika paljon löytyy suomen japanitapahtumissa kamalia väkerryksiä. Onneksi sinunlaisia taitavia löytyy muutama ja niitä katsottaessa silmät lepää. <3

  2. supertyylikkäänä kuten aina ♥

  3. Iira, dear! How lovely is to see that you have uploaded a new video. You're looking flawless, as usual! <3 So inspiring!

    I totally loved Moitié Christmas clothes! I was not sure about the fabric of the dress' skirt, but the cut is absolutely beatiful and flattering, I believe! :3

    I'll be looking forward to seeing the video that follows this one! I'm sure I will learn lots of things! :3

    I loved your latest outfit! I have already told you how lovely you look, but it won't hurt to say it again: You are stunning. You are perfect and all the beauty inside it's reflected outside! <3

    Wow!! That blouse is turning out amazingly well! I love the colour! *0*

    I hope you have a most wonderful week!

    Big hugs,


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