Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Under the clothes of an Aristocratic lady.


Hello, sweethearts!

As you can see, for now on my blog will be written in English to make sure that even my foreign friends and readers have a chance to understand of what I'm writing about. I will also be using a very simple English for the younger Finnish readers (Kysykää, jos ette ymmärrä, mitä yritän kertoa./Please, ask if you don't understand what I'm trying to tell.)

This post will be a useless filler, so to say, because of the fact that tomorrow will be the day when I have a chance to ask you guys about the quality of my camera. I took a short test video with it, which for some reason took like weeks because I had to order a new lense to it... Before the new lense, the quality was more than horrible. Believe me, I tried like million times, but every time it turned out to be a total fiasko.. I couldn't even recognize my own face from those, haha.

Still, feel free to take a look at our photoshoot that is more of less ero lolita/aristocrat inspired (I'm the horribly skinny one with the crinoline):
This is how my outfit looked like later that day:

Me and my beautiful friend, Rosemaria/halktia.

An a bit older... a bit visual kei'ish outfit:

Thank you for reading and I hope you will be looking forward to my post tomorrow! :)
Like in everywhere else, critique is always appreciated.

Have a nice day and evening!



  1. A critique I have given other Finnish bloggers too: please, use bigger pictures! The ideal would be to use the size they are now on the blog page and when you'd click on them a bigger one would be opened. It's such a shame none of the pretty details can be seen. :'(

    And could you maybe consider making it possible to comment anonymously? I don't exactly wish to declare for example my livejournal username (or similar) when it is not relevant or necessary. :) Though I understand if you don't want to since now you don't have deal as much with the flaming as you probably would if the option was available.

  2. Ah, thank you for the very good and clearly given critique! I thought that it would open a bit bigger picture if you klicked the photo.. Apparently it doesn't. Oh well, no worries! I will fix the problem as soon as possible and use a bit bigger pics for now on. I really have to agree with you. It's sometimes a huge shame that you can't see all the details.

    That's a very good point as well and I will make it possible for sure because any kind of a critique is welcomed, but if there occurs very rude and impolite comments, I have to make changes to that. In my case, it's very hard to upset me by being impolite. Impoliteness and rudeness is pure stupidity. i won't listen people like that. :)

    Thank you very much for your comments and sorry for my poor English. :')


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  4. Noi kuvat on kyllä ihan pikselimössöä :( Sääli, koska ne näyttäis ihanilta selvempinä.

    Tiedätkös muuten mahtuuko sellainen moitien takki jossa on se sininen satiini kangas siellä takin vuorena, kun niistä on se miesten ja naisten malli. Niin mahtuuko se naisten malli jos liivien kanssa RY on 85cm mut ilman 82-83cm? Et osaatko yhtään sanoa antaako ne nyöritykset kuinka paljon enemmän tilaa jos ne kiristykset löysää löysimmälle mahdolliselle?

  5. Greepy:
    Huomasin itsekin ongelman ja korjaan sitä par'aikaa. En tiedä, miksi kuvien laatu meni niitä suurentaessa tuollaiseksi, mutta no hätä! Hoidan asian kuntoon!
    En päässyt tässä muutaman päivän sisään koneelle sillä meiltä meni viereisen kaivuumaa-alueen takia netti melkein vuorokaudeksi. Yritän kuitenkin huomenaamulla saada lupaamani videon tänne ja youtubeen ladattua.. Olen ehkä huonotuurisin ihminen ikinä, hehe.

    Puhutko nyt Moitién takeista vai liiveistä? Muistaakseni sekä takkien että liivien rinnanympärys on nyörit avattuna sellaiset 83-85cm ja miesten koossa muutaman sentin suurempi. Talvitakeissa rinnanympärys on oletettavasti suurempi kuin tavallisissa takeissa. Yleensä nämä vastaavat Suomen kokoa "pieni 36".
    Omassa Moitién takissani vyötärö on kaiketi sellaiset 77cm, mikä on ihan liikaa nähden, että oma vyötäröni on 60-62cm riippuen päivästä.

    Jos tilaat cdjapanilta niin voit aina kysyä heiltä tarkempaa tietoa koon suhteen. Uskoisin, että he auttavat mielellään. :)