Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sorry for the delay!

!Make up tutorial added!

Due to personal issues, I will be able to post my test video and a little make up tutorial now during this weekend. I apologize for the delay.

Please, look forward my post which will appear here this evening or at some point tomorrow.
I wish you all have a nice and relaxing weekend!


Here, some inspiration for you:


A very small test make up tutorial for a photoshoot (26.7.):
(Warning: I might have no make up in some of these photos...)
-For a photoshoot it's very important for an aristocrat or lolita to have a decent make up which can be clearly seen in the photos since most of the cameras aren't sharp enough to show all the little details. So, for a photoshoot: use lots of make up, but not too much! The most important thing is to have even/perfect/doll-like porcelain skin, usually sharp eyebrows and GOOD EYE MAKE UP, so that your eyes can be seen on the pics.
No wonder Mana uses so much make up: it's a huge part of the whole outfit. So, please, fellow lolitas and aristocrats, use make up and do your hair properly. This message is even for guys to notice.. :)
Step 1. No make up, moisturising:
Make sure that your skin is clean and well moisturised. Keep your hair tied up.
In this pic I really have no make up. Perhaps you now realize what is the reason for me not to go on public without make up? Yes, I have very light features and my eyebrows really are white since I'm naturally blond. I do shave my eyebrows, though, because those are on the way while drawing the on every morning. I really recommand shaving or cutting your eyebrows, especially if you own dark features. Nothing is as horrible as too thick and messy eyebrows since they are what makes your eyes pop out in the end and give your face the character required/wanted.
Make sure that you have the tools for your make up!
2. Apply foundation and make up powder:
Apply plenty of foundation to cover the red spots on your face. In my case, I have to be very careful because of my pale and thin skin, and acne. So, be gentle to your skin! Make sure that you use make up powder to seal the foundation and that way reduce the shinyness of your skin, especially around your eyes and nose.
3. Draw your eyebrows by creating the shape that suits your face the best. Use colours that match your haircolour: for blondes light brown/grey, for dark haired people, darker shades of brown and black. Draw the eyebrow a bit higher than you natural eyebrows. It makes your eyes look bigger and more clear, so to say.
4.Use white eyeliner to the inner corner of the eye and lower eyelid, seal those with white eyeshadow. (!) This is actually one of he most important parts of the whole make up! The white colour makes your eyes pop out better when it creates contrast with the darker eyeshadow. It also keeps your eye make up away from getting too messy.
5. Apply some eyeshadow.
Properly applied eyeshadow is one of the main things in your make up. You will find the suitable shape for your own eyes by trying different styles.
Few simple tips:
-Don't apply any eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye lid (except white). This way you will make sure that your eyes look a bit bigger.
-Eyeshadow should make your eyes look bigger, not smaller! So, leave the very front of your eyes white (near your eyelashes). By using this technique you will create so to called shadow on your eyes (Look what Mana did, for example).
-Reduce the strength of the colour of the eyeshadow when getting closer to your eyebrows.
5.2 Make sure that the eyes are similiar, although in my case I blew things up, haha.
6. Apply liquid eyeliner.
Always use liquid eyeliner to create sharpness to you eyes. Eyeliner is the thing that creates the final shape of your eyes, so be careful and practise a lot. Don't use pen eyeliners since those tend to make your eyes look messy in the end and the line from it isn't as sharp as it is when using liquid liner.
Find the best shape for your own eyes by testing. One good tip is to leave the lower inner corner of the eye white because otherwise your eyes will turn out look small and too painted. You can often add some black soft pen eyeliner on the lower lid of your eye to make it look a bit softer.
7. Apply some eyeshadow on the lower lid and some colour if wanted.
By applying eyeshadow on the lower lid you will create a bit more softer look and bigger eyes. For eyeshadow I prefer little soft brush like in the pic.
8. Use fake eyelashes for more dramatic look. Make sure that they are balanced (in my case they weren't, so I had to fix it later).
9. Draw and paint your lips if required/wanted.
I usually draw the line of my lips a bit over my natural lip line to make them look fuller. Be careful not to look like a transvestite (unfortunately, I almost look like one, haha)!
9.2 Apply some colour under your cheek bones to create shadows (an illusion) that makes your face look slimmer. This is not necessary, though. Be careful not look like a transvestite, again!
10 My bedhead...
10.2 Hair is one VERY BIG part of the whole outfit as well and as you can see, even though I haven' done much to my hair (straightened a little), it already looks more suitable for lolita/aristocrat.
The hairtutorial will be done next week, so look forward to it!
Later that day before going to work, just removed the eyelashes...
Critique and questions are always welcomed!
Thank you for reading.


  1. I'm looking forward to the hair tutorial, I just love your hairstyles, and I never have inspiration to do my own hair in a nice way.
    Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Holland.


  2. Hello, Josine.'!
    Thank you for your comment.

    I'm absolutely delighted to hear that. I hope that I will soon have enough time to finish that hair tutorial. I already have a plan of what I could do, but haven't found much time to take pictures yet. I do promise, though, that there will be couple of hair tutorials coming in the future. :)

    I hope you will look forward to those! I'm so happy to hear that you have liked my hairstyles.

    You have no reason to apologize. I bet that my English is much worse than yours.

    With best wishes,