Wednesday, April 8, 2015

~Rosa Nitida sewing update: Swan collection~

Hello again lovelies!

So that would be me on daily basis nowadays (on the left) and when I manage to dress up (on the right).. Hmm.. I am so embarrassingly lame fashion-wise nowadays due to my sometimes more than 15h days (+ I have to walk/cycle 6 km in total every day to the train station and back - in -20 degrees Celsius, in rain and wind etc.) I so wish to have a car some day...

Anyway, it has been quite some time once again - seems like someone here is really bad at updating her blog often enough, huh..?

Nevertheless, I hope everyone is doing well and doing their best at enjoying the smallest and most simple things in life.

So... as I mentioned in my previous entry, I have some plans for the future entries, and therefore hope to see you around later as well! Comments and especially concrit are always highly appreciated. :)

However, this time I would like to introduce you one of my latest sewing work (a white jabot commission) and some other past sewing work with similar aesthetics.
+ I actually managed to finish one more commission just a while ago! I will reveal this beautiful item, amongst the name of to which "collection" the piece belongs to, on my next entry with some other similar pieces from the past as well. I hope you are looking forward to that.

+ And, well, I have been quite broken hearted recently, so please, if possible, a mental hug would now do miracles for me. Send me one, or two, and I will surely send you one back in gratitude. Actually, I could send you a few in advance: *HUUUG*

I will end my babble here, but please feel free to check out the photos and descriptions of some of my Rosa Nitida sewing work below!

Will go to sleep now and maybe finally beat up the sleeping problems by counting my swans..
Good night, sweethearts.

Hugs and kisses,


~Swan collection~

1.) Latest item: A white 4-layer jabot

Materials and detailing: 2 layers of cotton, 2 layers of chiffon, silk straps, Venetian lace, silver chain, cross pendants, crystals, pearls and a French lily.

2.) Past items:

2.1.) A white high-neck swan inspired choker:

Materials and detailing: Thick polyester lace, Venetial lace, pearls, golden and silver chain, cross pendants, crystals, feathers and satin straps.

2.2.) A white round headdress (this is the "sewing in progress photo"... The final version had plenty of detailing, a white veil and feathers - I will replace this with the final version as soon as I find the pic):

Materials and detailing: thick polyester lace, cotton, Venetial lace, chiffon, crystals, plenty of pearls, butterfly pendant, cross pendants, feathers, satin straps and a white silk rose.

2.3.) A simple, ivory white bonnet (base)

Materials and detailing: Thick white polyester, Venetian lace (wide, narrow and rose lace), plenty of pearls, detachable white roses and satin straps (the lovely person who commissioned the bonnet preferred it to be left simple).

2.4.) Ivory white Edwardian era inspired hat (I have made several similar ones):

Materials and detailing: Thick polyester and silk, Venetian lace, hundreds of pearls, crystals and different kinds of pendants (butterflies, crosses etc.), chains, white roses, ostrich feathers and satin straps.

2.5.) White rose dress and a white lace choker:

Materials and detailing: My old curtains and a sheet, lol. This dress cost me absolutely nothing, basically. Even the shoes cost me hardly anything (recycled materials). The most expensive part in this outfit are perhaps the Moitié socks...?
The very unvisible choker here has hundreds of pearls, chiffon rose lace, golden button and sating straps.


I look for you
"I look for you and you are not there
I seek for you and time to share
I search for you most anywhere
I long to show you how I care
Check upward, the stars tonight
Look for me among the bright
Revealed deep within the light
I am there for you, just out of sight."
- Leloudia Migdali

Monday, March 9, 2015

~A small outfit post and info about upcoming entries~

Hello again, sweethearts!
How's life over there?

SoI went to  hear and see Kamijo's 20th anniversary concert about a week ago in Helsinki and this is my outfit from the event (yes, my camera is just a freaking potato and distorts almost all my photos, haha). I am sorry for not having any better quality pictures this time either - I will try  to manage to borrow or buy a bit better camera for future use... |''D

                    Anyway, what I am wearing here is a bright red, high-neck and ankle length vintage dress with a hand-made Lareine's Metamorphose inspired bright blue floor length coat with golden chains and plenty of crystals especially in the hem and sleeves.
And below is a group photo with Kamijo... I freaking heard some old Lareine songs live! Oh. Dear. Lord. *___* I am so happy that, even though it has been one week from the concert already, I still feel weirdly warm and fuzzy from the inside, haha. You have no idea how much I love the music and how much it, together with the overall fantasy-like world around it, has inspired me...
                  So to keep my hype short: Yes, the music has influenced me in many, MANY ways, so to finally hear some of those songs live means quite a lot to me. I have no words to describe how happy I am about the whole event (or maybe I'm just too tired to come up with anything to say), haha. Let me just say that I really enjoy the music and aesthetics of Lareine, Versailles and Kamijo as solo artist. :)
I will write an another entry about Rosa Nitida sewing work in few days. There are few older and some newer commissions which I haven't posted much material online yet, so please stay around to see what I have to show you! :)

However, here is my current commission schedule with only two commission spots left for the first half of the year! Thank you so very much, everyone! I feel honoured about the thought of you you having this much trust towards my skills. I hope not to let you down and deliver you something beautiful soon. *huuugs* Please do not hesitate to contact me for fture commissions by sending e-mail to,

FEB 2015: FULL, thank you!
MAR 2015: FULL; thank you!
APR 2015: FULL, thank you!
MAY 2015: FULL, thank you!
JUN 2015: 2 commissions
JUL 2015: In Japan - no commissions
AUG 2015: In Japan - no commissions

There are so many things to write about such as the "Ghost family" project (Maybe some of you know about it already?) that I have had going on for a while now, but which has been on a break due to my forever-changing busy schedule (I had another 14h day today again, yay. Typical..)

Furthermore, I am looking forward to introduce you a few artists that I have had the honour to get to know with recently. Hope you are looking forward to that too. :)

Oh yeah, and let me throw in one casual photo too (I am awfully boring fashion-wise due to my super long days at school, work and public transit... A black pant suit for almost every day, hah):

Gosh, I am dead tired... Must. Sleep. More... so therefore, good night for now and until later that is!

Thank you for reading and many hugs,

P.S. I am so going to fix all the grammar mistakes in the morning, haha.