Thursday, December 2, 2010

12 steps to become a (gothic) aristocrat

(Me looking more or less goofy)
Good evening, everyone!

Sorry again for not being able to update my blog entries. My life has been very busy lately, as always. However, I hope that everyone has spent lots of wonderful time and are now waiting for Christmas - or atleast I'm so waiting my vacation to start. I have been working and studying like a crazy person, as usual in my case. Always remember: education is important, but it's even more important to take care of your health and rest every once in a while. Without your health you have nothing.

For now on, I will be updating my blog entries more often. Actually, I have planned to create "12 steps to become a (gothic) aristocrat" themed entries now before New Year, meaning that I will be updating now almost every day. This will be the plan of mine - almost like a Christmas calendar:

23.12.: "Style icons and inspiration."
24.12.: "Different styles."
25.12.: "Basic clothes: skirts, pants and dresses"
25.12.: "Basic clothes: blouses, corsets and vests"
25.12.: "Basic clothes: outer and shoes"
26.12.: "Basic clothes: hats, bags, gloves, jewellery, umbrellas and other accessories"
27.12.: "EGA and Moi-même-Moitié, Atelier Boz and other brands"
27.12.: "Dramatic and casual aristocrat - proper clothes for school/work?"
28.12.: "Photoshoots, shooting locations and poses"
28.01.: "How to behave like an aristocrat?"
??.01.: "Aristocratic style in my way, make up and hair (tutorials)"
And finally:
??.01.: "A mystery video"

I hope you will be looking forward to my texts and ask me if there's something to ask about. Concrit will be highly appreciated, as always. Always feel free to share your opinions with me.

It's actually quite funny, or even confusing, to write these texts because, believe it or not, I do still consider myself as a beginner when it comes to lolita and aristocrat.. Kind of funny, but maybe it's good that you are able to feel that there's always something to improve, right? And, as I tend to think, we need more aristocratic, gothic and other beauty in this world. So, atleast I'm able to share some of my thoughts, opinions and knowledge for people to read. We all should stick together to show to the world how beautiful ideology this all has behind.



Aristocrat is a style with less well known style icons than lolita has. However, many of the aristocratic style icons are involved with lolita style too. No wonder since both of these styles are considered as so to called "Japanese street fashions" and were mainly invented in Japan - although the inspiration itself to these styles and clothes comes from Europe. European goth culture, victorian fashion, Rococo, high fashion and even modern Nordic design have been inspiring many Japanese, and Western, designers and style icons.

Before you can start with your own style, you must have a sort of an idea in your mind about what kind of style you're looking for. That's why there are style icons and other inspirational people and inspiring things in general to help you out with the decision.

So, let's start from the most common ones. These are all my own style icons, so if there's someone else that you think could be an amazing style icon for other people too, let us know about this person!

(Style icon is a person that whose style you find very inspiring. Hair, make up, colours, clothes and person's attitude/personality are all very relevant when it comes to iconizing. Style icon should be admired by you atleast on some of these levels - or some other level.)

(ex. Malice Mizer, Moi dix Mois, Moi-même-Moitié)

Mana is a person that every gothic lolita and aristocrat should know. For a long time he has been one of the biggest lolita and aristocrat icons and has his own brand called Moi-même-Moitié (When I buy clothes, those are usually Moitié's). His music is also one big part of my style inspiration too, so if you want to listen one of my favourite songs from Malice Mizer (+Moi dix Mois), go few steps down on my text and click the link.

(~Versailles Philharmonic Quintet~, solo artist, ex. HIZAKI Grace project)

(~Versailles Philharmonic Quintet~, ex. Lareine)
(excellent example for more masculine aristocrat - by the way, aristocrat doesn't have to be as decorative as Kamijo's style is)

(Japanese solo artist, ex. Malice Mizer)

Kyosuke Sumire:
(I recommend you to make yourself familiar with them if you haven't done so yet. Try to find their songs from Youtube, for example.)

(solo artist, Eve of Destiny, ex. Malice Mizer)

Other inspiration:

Gothic&Lolita Bible Scans and other lolita brand related things:
I recommend that you google for more pics since my computer will go ballistic if I try to add more pictures on this entry. I'm sorry. Feel free to ask me for pictures, if interested and I will try my best to give you links that might show you a huge variety of different pictures and scans. One of my favourite tumblrs is "A Gothic Lolita's Memoir". Seek for more inspiration there.

High fashion:
(You know why I buy Vogue magazines monthly. Not only because I'm a model myself, but also because many of the most artistic and that way the most inspiring pictures can be found from there. And the best thing in those pics is that the girls are about the same height as I am, they are Western and they have same body structure too (meaning that I'm tall and skinny, pfft..), so I often get very inspired while looking at the pictures - editorial or not. I remember that, not a long time ago, gothic look was in fashion too! I even might have a vogue almost filled with black clothing and dramatic make up... *tries to find it* So, buy a Vogue (French Vogue is the best, believe me) and get inspired!)


Views, buildings, etc (as you can see anything and everything can be considered as inspiration because of the feeling that you get from those - atmosphere):
As you can see from the pictures below, aristocrat (and lolita too) is a style with lots of historical vibes in it. Victorian era in its complete bloom, romantic paintings, horror stories that got their start in the early beginning 19th century, old mansions, weather in its every form, luxurious interiors, candles, flowers, elegance... I could continue the list forever, but the main point in these pictures is the romantic and elegant vibe and atmosphere that you get from those. No wonder EGA includes the word "Elegant".

And then last, but not least.. Music:
I'll give you only one link because this is one of the songs that have been inspiring me the most in my own styles - I know it's a bit old song and that, yeah, everyone knows Malice Mizer, but this song is truly important for me. It has so many lovely memories attached to it.


And remember, inspiration can be anything. :)
I will be writing my other text about different styles tomorrow already. Hopefully you will be looking forward to that.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to everyone!
*lots of hugs*

With best wishes,

P.S. I apologize for my crappy English skills..


  1. Hei ihanaa tää sun juttus minkä nyt teet (toivottavasti) ennen uutta vuotta! ♥
    Itseäni juuri aristo varsinkin kiehtoo tosi paljon, ja välillä on kiva yrittää jotain vähän sen tyylistä pukeutumista, joten olen todella iloinen jos jaksat vähän valaista sitäkin maailmaa :3
    ...Ja pakko se on myöntää, että olet itse yksistä harvoista suomalaisista tyyli-ikoneistani, joita oikeasti ihailen!

  2. remon:
    Kiva kuulla, että odotat sitä. <3 Toivotaan todella, että saisin sen ennen uutta vuotta laitettua valmiiksi ja esittelykuntoon. Olen aika kiireinen nyt joulun alla enkä pääse aina tietokoneelle, mutta pidetään ainakin peukkuja jos ei muuta.
    Toivottavasti saisit jotain irti näistä tulevista teksteistä, vaikka kirjoitankin ne englanniksi. Suuri osa lukijoistani kun ovat ulkomaalaisia syystä tai toisesta eivätkä he oletettavasti ymmärrä suomea tarpeeksi sujuvasti. Teen aivan kamalasti virheitä englantini kanssa enkä ikinä jaksa korjata niitä, hehe. :')
    Olen ihan totta aivan järkyttävän imarreltu sanoistasi. Kiitos paljon niistä. yritän parhaani, jotta teksteissäni olisi riittävä määrä sisältöä ja sitä kautta hyötyäkin ihmisille. Minultahan saa ian kysyä, jos on kysyttävää. Koitan vastata mahdollisimman pian kysymyksiin, mutta en voi taata vastaavani päivän sisään. :)
    Hyvää joulua ja uutta vuotta!
    TomCat: Thank you, Tom!
    Merry Christmas to you too!

  3. I love this post! Thank you for all the lovely images *n*

  4. (I finally got the courage to comment your blog, haha...)
    I will be looking forward to these blogs - I've been interested in getting the aristocrat feeling into my wardrobe, but sometimes it seems like such a hard job. This will definitely help me on my way! Thank you very much.

    To be honest, you are one of my EGA inspirations - you make the style your own, and you rock it!

  5. You and your posts are really amazing! They inspire me so much. Thank you for that.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too!

  6. Love this post!! I'm looking forward to the others as well! I have always wanted to try out gothic & gothic aristocrat but have been too intimidated ):

  7. Martha: I'm happy to hear that you liked those! You're more than welcome. It was all my pleasure. :) Thank you for commenting and Merry Christmas!
    Astrid: Thank you for commenting and a Merry Christmas!(I'm not a scary person, more like a very goofy kind of person with more or less absent mind, so don't hesitate to comment in the future too. Haha.)
    I'm truly hoping that you could find atleast some kind of inpsiration from the texts and pictures of mine. I will try my best to pay more attention in my way of writing in English because sometimes I don't care enough what I write, it seems. Luckily, it will improve by writing and writing only. :)
    Oh my.. You must have no idea how flattering that just was. Thank you extremely much! I truly appreciate your words. *many hugs*
    seebimul: Thank you for commenting and very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too!
    I'm happy to hear that you have liked my posts. It's all I hope.
    Vivi: Thank you very much and thank you for your comment! I 'm delighted to hear that you will be looking forward to my next posts. I'm quite flattered by that, so thank you. :)
    I truly hope that you could find some inspiration to try these styles.
    We need more gothic beauty to this world.

  8. You should not only read the Vogue, you should be in the Vogue.You are very gifted,what a talent!